Dukan – Day 11 – Day 3 Cruise Phase

Today is a PP day… Pure Protein.

Daily Loss: 2 lbs/0.91 kg (not sure why it was so much!)
Total Loss:  15.5 lbs/7.05 kg!!! and over a stone (for my British friends!)
Wt. to go: 94.5 lbs/43 kg


I had a really good day. Started out with an egg and 2 turkey slices. Snack of a pot of fromage frais. Lunch of a small sirloin and shrimp. Dinner a lovely perch and some left over sirloin bits. Snack was a pot of yogurt with oat bran and splenda… yum.

I got lots accomplished today which gave me even more incentive to keep going.

And to top it all off, I got a fabulous spread sheet from a fellow Dukaner named Charlotte who ROCKS! So… no more tracker. 🙂 I’ll post the info at the top of each blog.

You can follow Charlotte’s progress here: http://charlottesdukandiet.wordpress.com/


6 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 11 – Day 3 Cruise Phase

  1. 2lbs loss?! Holy hell, woman, you’re unstoppable! That’s what we call a “visit from the Whoosh Fairy” – ie, your body just went “whoosh!” 🙂

    Keep it up, and send some of that whoosh mojo my way, why don’tchya?


  2. Thanks, Charlotte 🙂
    I’m only down 0.4 pounds this morning, but I didn’t get my walk in because of the storm. IT’s all good though.
    Thanks so much for the support!!

  3. We may be oceans apart but my good thoughts are with you. Great job your doing. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see the NEW YOU in Dec. ❤ Mom

  4. You are really doing great Gal. Very impressed. Weighing one’s self is an important way about learning about your body. (Sis says.) I was not surprised I had gained 5 Pounds one day. I knew I was retaining water despite having 800 mg of Sodium a day. I started writing very down on myfitnesspal.com. Great resource for when one is not making progress. Thanks for Charlotte address. Kath

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