How Did That Happen??

Tonight, while on Facebook a pic popped up on my friend Michele’s Timeline… it was a pic with both of us in it, taken by our friend Bernadette… This was Sunday, August 7, 2011, 13 days before I started the Dukan Diet… I will never, ever look like this again… How the hell did I get that big?? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way… I was lacing on my running shoes when I saw the picture and it gave me even more incentive to run tonight!!! Here it is…


And me mountain hiking last Sunday, March 11, 2012… 7 months later… yeah, I like this ME much better!

Much Better 🙂

What’s your incentive to stay on your program???

29 thoughts on “How Did That Happen??

  1. You are incentive enough for me. You give anyone reading this blog the courage and strength to push on and achieve the goal.

  2. Shazam! I think we all need to see a photo of ourselves that “jolts” our reality. For me, it wasn’t a photo that got my attention, it was trying to fit into something that was tight last summer and impossible now .. no more. I am starting Dukan this coming week – wish me patience & determination 🙂

    I love how your cheekbones just popped out in that 2nd photo — press on!!

    • MJ…. patience and determination coming your way!!! I saved one pair of my trousers from last year… when I reach my true weight, I’ll put them on for a photo 🙂 should be fun!!! Good luck… you’ll do great on this program!!!

  3. The new you looks just like Momma 30 years ago!!! I never realized how much you looked like her. Your smile, the way your standing with your hands on your hips and your head cocked side ways. The resemblance is amazing!!! Love you.

  4. Wow Sandi, I can’t believe that was only 7 months ago. Time goes so fast….and your weight with it 🙂 You are looking amazing in the hiking picture. What a fabulous transformation. xo

    • Thanks, Anna… this diet WORKS! Like Moonday said in her post the other day, this is a restrictive diet for the first 2 phases and a life style change for the next 2… if you stick to the plan, it totally, totally works!

  5. You look great now, healthy and happy! I have a photo like that of me on Harry’s new bike on his birthday a year ago, I looked truly awful and I never want to be like that again, that is my incentive to keep going! I still don’t know how I got to the size I was but dukan works for me x

    • Sometimes it takes really seeing ourselves to realize how unhealthy and unfit we’ve become… congrats on your progress… I hope Harry had a nice birthday party!

      • Thanks Sandi! Harry’s party was a big success, swimming with 10 friends and pizza & ice cream after (I had salad-lol) and then onto dear friends with their 4 children for a Birthday tea. One very happy, excited boy x

  6. If this is a duplicate comment I’m sorry. Mr iPad and I are not friends.

    As I tried to say before, you inspire me. I stumbled on your blog, was amazed and started this diet thinking it would never work. It did and I am forever grateful for finding you. Nothing happens by chance.

    YOU look amazing and so active. Keep going forward, no looking back. If you ever come to the Jersey area I owe you a drink or dinner!!!!

    • Again… thanks! It is truly a great feeling to know that others are following in your footsteps… this program does work and the support system I’ve found through blogging is amazing! I will hold ya to that dinner in Jersey 🙂 Summer 2014 I’m doing a cross-country RV trip for 6 weeks and will be looking for driveways to roll up in to 🙂

  7. Amazing!
    My incentive is health–more precisely, it was the moment I was told I had diabetes. Losing weight is not an option or something I’m doing for cosmesis (though it’s definitely nice to fit into nice clothes and find out you DO have a waist) – I’m doing it so I won’t lose a foot, my vision, my life….

  8. Incentive… mostly to feel happy in my own skin, to be proud of myself and be healthy. What keeps me going (despite my slip ups every so often) is I chucked out all my fat clothes… so I have nothing left to wear if I get bigger. It definitely helps!!

    • It really is for US, as it should be! You’re doing great! Great idea for getting rid of the fat clothes… I actually took a huge suitcase home in January and gave them all away…. felt great! I did save back one pair… for a before and after, and I’ll give them a chuck then! 🙂

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