Dukan – Day 95

Wednesday was a PP day.

Daily weight loss: 0.9 lb/0.4 kg
Total weight loss: 44.9 lb/20.41 kg

Well, I’m still moving in the right direction, so this is a good thing! Back to work today and right away I was teaching a class on Communication. Happy to have the distraction of work to keep me occupied.

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs… yum!
Lunch: Sliced beef with cilantro (the ladies at the buffet were happy to see me back!)
Snack: pot of FF Greek Yogurt (FF stands for Fat Free.. hehe) with bran and splenda
Dinner: 2 small pieces of Talapia with cajun spices… yum!

My appetite is practically non-existent, but I know I must eat. I am still walking 1.5 kms to work and home each day with a 30 minute evening walk after dinner. This week I will get my assistant to go across the road to the gym with me to sign me up (I don’t speak Chinese so my assistant is INVALUABLE!!! This is Kitty:

Kitty... best assistant in the world!

So that’s been my day… it’s actually Thanksgiving, but that’s tomorrow’s blog… I behaved myself, I’ll tell you that much! Makes me proud… thank GOD turkey is on Dukan!!!


6 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 95

  1. I love following your blog! A quick question what is a “tea egg”? is it like a normal egg from a chook/Hen? You got me curious πŸ™‚

    Good to hear you were well behaved for thanks giving – luckily we don’t have such a celebration here in New Zealand.

    • Hi! I’m glad you enjoying following my blog! I’ll go check yours out now πŸ™‚
      A tea egg is a regular chicken egg (p.s. I love the word chook!) that has been
      boiled in green tea and soy sauce, instead of water. The shell and the white of
      the egg turn a tea brown and it’s yummy… the soy sauce gives it a nice flavor.
      I buy them on the street for 1 RMB each with is like 13 cents in USD… lol. A
      very inexpensive breakfast πŸ™‚

  2. You are doing so well and I do believe you are still on schedule weight loss wise.(?) Looks like you are wanting more exercise. It is a good way to spend energy but remember those 5 am deliveries and be aware of your energy level on this diet.

    I had a wonderful surprise and was taken out by friends to a fancy place where I promptly gorged myself. The company was the best. Not the same Ruth Chris food that I had in New Orleans many many years ago.

    • I think I am on schedule… I have to check out my “goal” blog from a month ago. I am definitely feeling the need to shape up… things are a saggin! LOL. Losing weight at 47 (I’ll be 48 in a week… ack!) is a bit tougher on the body than at 37… LOL.

      How lovely that you got taken to Ruth Chris… now that is one place I could have a good Dukan meal… I love the steaks there!

  3. Been wondering what a tea egg was.. Will give it a try. Three months before our trip to London/Paris I started my diet and lost 42 lbs.. It was fresh fruit and veggies,fish and chicken. Cut out all white bread. Still holding at 149 and know you can do it too. ❀ Mom

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