Dukan – Day 56

Today was a PV Day

Daily Weight Loss: 0.4 lb/0.2 kg
Total Weight Loss: 32.1 lb/14.61 kg

Well, the day was suppose to be a PP day, but I had to travel out of the city to do some community education and didn’t prepare well enough. Alls good, I still lost nearly a 1/2 pound.

Breakfast: On the go… 1 boiled egg and 3 slices of ham
Lunch: At the elementary school I was teaching at… Boiled cabbage with some type of meat crumbles in it 😀   and green beans with red hot chili pepper pieces in it. There were snails, but I didn’t partake (1. not sure if they are Dukan and 2. I love escargot… from a nice fancy restaurant, smothered in garlic and mozzarella!)
Snack:  Some lamb on a stick… teeny pieces of lamb, cooked on a long toothpick type thingy over charcoals… street food (let’s just say I’m not constipated anymore!!!)
Dinner: I made the tofu fries recommended by fellow Dukaner, Kath. Her recipe calls for baking them, but I only have a hot plate and a fry pan… so they were fried in the one thing I refuse to give up for Dukan… OLIVE OIL… just a tad, mind you. I coated them in Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper and a teeny bit of sea salt. I also stirred in some garlic cloves and  asparagus… YUMMY! You can find Kath’s recipe here: Kath’s Tofu Fries
It was a delicious dinner! And I went to bed feeling very satisfied!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day… I have, and I’ll write about it in my next blog… for now, here’s some pics of my kitchen and my Tofu Fries Dinner!


My Galley Kitchen


My hot plate!

Yum! Tofu Fries with the Garlic cloves added in!

Dinner, tofu fries, asparagus and garlic cloves... YUM!





4 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 56

  1. Oh the pictures are wonderful (WP did a wonderful job) and my tofu place is open today I should run out to get some more.
    I will send a pix to my Sister who works too hard and usually calls me. Maybe she will she this and get encouraged about PP days. She lives close to a Trader Joes.
    You are still losing like crazy…… Wow. As you gain more muscle your wt loss will decrease but it is a draw.

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