Dukan – day 54

Today was a PP Day

Daily weight loss: 0.4 lbs/0.2 kg
Total weight loss: 31.7 lb/14.41 kg

I find it funny that I don’t manage to get veggies in on my PV days until dinner. They are available. But there just isn’t the desire. And even on PP days, adding garlic and onion seems like such a treat!

I had Chiara over for dinner last night. When I was here in China in May I was blessed to be the midwife that attended her water birth of baby Alessaundro… all 4.2 kgs of him! She is working with me now, so after work we strolled the long way home 1.3 miles vs .9 mile, and I cooked us steak. For her a big salad, cucumber, garlic stems and garlic cloves. For me garlic stems and garlic cloves 🙂 it was nice cooking for someone!

I had a pot of yogurt with bran and Splenda for dessert.

Going to upload pic of my lunch, for Eric. It’s basically shaved roast beef with cilantro and some soy sauce. The plates are about 4 inches across and I get 2 to be able to pick out the fatty pieces and still get a bit of food, LOL You can see Vivien’s lunch in the background 🙂


How has everyone else been doing? As always, thanks for the encouragement! 😀


8 thoughts on “Dukan – day 54

  1. Oh that food looks good.

    You had company and you cooked in that big kitchen on your big fancy stove.

    You are amazing. I am trying different recipes in the fry pan. Today’s recipe worked great.

    Your doing great. More weight loss. Wow

    • LOL, Kath… wait til you see the pic of that “big fancy stove”… hehe, I’ll post on tomorrow’s blog. I saw a recipe for tofu french fries yesterday, going to try those this weekend… sounds decadent, but Dukan… woo hoo!

    • OMG.. you can’t get cilantro in Italy?!?!!? I suffered for 3 years in Abu Dhabi without it… I even smuggled seeds in and tried to grow it, but they didn’t grow… I am SO HAPPY to be where this is cilantro 🙂 But sad for you 😦 xxx

      • Tried the seeds … they don’t grow!!!!! I am cilantro-less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, ok we have amazing basil leaves and all that stuff .. . but I want CILANTRO … UUUUAAAAHHH!!!!!!! I am so glad you feel my pain 🙂

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