Dukan Diet – Pure Protein Thursday

Thursday is alway a Pure Protein Day. This Thursday was Consolidation Day 112 šŸ™‚ Dr. Dukan recommends that followers of the program in Consolidation pick Thursday as the one day a week you have a pure protein day and for the most part, I have.
Today’s weight: 147
Goal weight: 155

Before I could eat, I had my annual physical at work. It included blood work, EKG, chest X-ray, breast thermography (instead of mammogram, no radiation), ultrasound of my liver (no longer fatty… Yay!!!), pancreas, kidneys and spleen and a look over by the TCM doc. Waiting on the blood results, but everything else was perfect! It took less than 40 minutes for everything and cost $0! How awesome is that?

Breakfast: 2 Tea Eggs from the shop downstairs…



Lunch: A small plate of roast beef

Afternoon Snack: A tea egg

Dinner: 1 Chicken breast, roasted in that toaster oven, with a roasted 1/2 red onion. I marinated the chicken in 1 Tbs coconut oil, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp cumin and a dash of salt for 30 minutes in the fridge. Shook the container up and put it on the pizza pan to cook, pouring the marinade over it and the onion. Cooked in oven for 40 mins at 350 degrees F.

I then went for a 4K run and finished with about 20 minutes of stretches and yoga.

Bedtime Snack: Fat free Greek yogurt with 1 Tbs flaxseed meal and Splenda

What did you eat on Thursday?


4 thoughts on “Dukan Diet – Pure Protein Thursday

  1. Hi Sandi, your protein only day sounds great, after a few days in Cornwall I need to have a few pp days! My Thursday started with a croissant šŸ˜¦ , lunch was a Cornish pasty :0, dinner was fish & chips :(((((! Ii did surf for 3 hours but don’t think I burnt my calories consumed lol! Back home tomo and straight back to Dr Dukan- think I will give the scales a rest day tomo!

    • I bet you had a fab time surfing. What was the water temp? Mmmmm, fish n chips… Going to have to figure out a Dukan alternative to that! Like fish coated in flaxseed meal & egg…. Hmmm, going to play around with it šŸ™‚

      • That fish idea sounds great & much healthier than mine though they were delicious šŸ™‚ water temp was great not sure of actual temp but no body parts turned blue!

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