Dukan – Consolidation Day 65

Saturday was Bastille Day and I chose it to be a Celebration Meal Day!

Daily weight: 147 lbs/66.8 kgs
Goal weight: 155 lbs/70.5 kgs
Weight still hanging in there… It’s amazing πŸ™‚

Traveled to Guangzhou on Thursday. Will be here for 2 weeks.

Friday assisted a woman who wanted a water birth. The patient and her husband gave permission for our marketing department to film the event. Unbeknownst to me there was a reporter from a national online pregnancy magazine in the room as well, blogging live and uploading pics from her iPhone (apparently with the patients permission, lol). The funny thing is, I thought she was our staff and kept telling her to put her phone away πŸ˜€
This photo is courtesy of the magazine website…


Saturday was Bastille Day. So far this summer I have celebrated British Day, the 4th of July and Bastille Day all in China. We were invited by the French Chamber if Commerce to a huge beach/pool party at a local hotel. Goodie bags when we arrived included a bikini, that fit I might add! We had a great time. I decided that I would make this my weekly celebration meal. I had BBQ meat and grilled veggies and my celebration food was two teeny scoops of decadent French milled ice cream… Coffee (my favorite since I was an itty bitty) and BLACK SESAME… Holy scamoly! We danced the night away to a live band that played some awesome music and a had 2 glasses of French white wine that caused me to have a headache 😦

This is Rose (my Guangzhou Personal Assistant) and Liza who works in the Int’l Department at he hospital.

Sunday was a routine day in the office. On my morning break I wrote my guest post for AGoodRun. I submitted it for publishing tomorrow… How exciting is that?? And in the late afternoon we headed to the Bud Theatre for a marketing event. I did a water birth presentation for over 400 parents to be… It was awesome. Immediately following my talk there was a live theatrical performance of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. I believe it’s a Swedish story… Hearing it in Mandarin made it even more fun πŸ™‚


I also got to pass out the prizes that we awarded. After the show ended Rose, Liza and I went to the Oriental Palace Arabic restaurant for dinner… Again… Lol. I love the friendly atmosphere and the food is gorgeous!

I’m off to Hong Kong in the morning! So off to bed I go!

Ciao πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Dukan – Consolidation Day 65

  1. Again I love your hair style. Blog gave me lots of food for thought. For one what magazine and will you be in it. Great promo. for water birthing. Secondly, why not a pic in your bikini!!! And finally, I recently learned 2 glasses of wine a night is good for you. Plan on having it on my grocery list.

    • The magazine is http://www.mama.cn, there are tons of pictures of the entire day on there, including some of me… I’ve got a bit of toning to do before I go flashing my bikini bod in front of a bunch of Frenchmen and I had a massive headache from the wine… So I’m thinking not so much for me! xoxo

  2. Sandi,
    I so enjoy reading your blog. You are inspiring both personally and professionally. What a lovely thing you do each day . . . helping babies to come safely and gently into the world! As someone who works with babies 0 – 3 years, I recognize the gift you have given these families.
    Best wishes,

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