Dukan – Day 52

Today was a PP day.
Day 51 no change from day before.

Daily weight loss: 0.9 lb/0.40 kg
Total weight loss: 30.4 lb/13.81 kg
So back to what I was on Day 49… Yay!

Still a bit sore from the workouts, but getting better. When I said “first workout in a long time” the other day, that should have said first workout with other people. I have been doing exercises from my friend John Gerahty’s DVD and it’s so tough I only get through about 25% of it. You can learn more about John at Courageous Authenticity

My class yesterday was cancelled, but since I was up at 0545 and dressed I popped John’s DVD in and was able to get through about 40%… so I’m improving 🙂

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with awesome Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning sprinkled on (thanks, Barbara!) 2 slices of ham.
Lunch: See above… No one wanted to go to lunch, so I ate what I had in my backpack.
Snack: Pot of FF yogurt with Splenda and bran
Dinner: a poor excuse for a “filet” steak, that was fatty, grisly and gave me dodgy tummy 😦

My day ended late (haven’t been up past 11 in a while!) with a 2 hour Skype conversation with Lucy and Ethel, that was totally worth going to bed late for… And now, a long deserved pajama day!


6 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 52

    • It has tons of different spices in it… has a “bite” to it. No calories, no fat, no carbs. I use it on my meats, my salads, my FF cottage cheese. Only 80 mgs of sodium per 1/4 tsp, which I don’t use that much. I have stopped using salt… (audible gasp from those that know me, I’m sure!) and only use the Trader Joe’s.

  1. Your daily weight loss continues to be mind bogging. You are really responding well to this diet. I was trying to figure out are you half way yet?
    It is amazing how you continue under tough conditions. Keep up your motivation and drive. So glad you love hard boiled eggs. What do you have in your kitchen? Stove? Oven? Microwave?

    • Hey Kath! Not halfway yet… but getting closer! That will be a HUGE blog! 🙂 I’ll post a pic of my kitchen tomorrow. It’s galley style and although it has a gas stove, there is no gas. Instead I have a counter top 1 burner stove thing, and it heats up in SECONDS! It’s taken a little getting use to. No microwave and no oven… so cooking a big turkey a few times a year is going to be a challenge! LOL

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