Bucket List Update

Bucket List 2012

3rd quarter update. I didn’t do a 2nd quarter update, so this is from April to now! The updates are in BOLD!

1. Reach Dukan “True Weight” of 165 – Getting SO close! Met on April 23
2. Reach “My True Weight” of 155 Met on May 8
3. Nurture relationships – DOING, Ongoing
4. Fix my tummy – consult April 6, Lipo May 9
5. Run 5k without stopping – I’ve done this twice in the past week! Signed up for my first 5K for June 9th in Ocala – Ran the 5K, continue to run 5k+ 5x a week
6. Enjoy my job more – DOINGQuit the job, last day Sept 19
7. Accomplish teaching the 6 IPSG’s to the staff – DONE
8. Accomplish 100% compliance on at least 4 of the IPSG’s! – This one is a toughie! I did get a 100% on Handwashing at the Guangzhou Hospital.
9. Accomplish teaching the 13 JCI Standards to the staff – First class in 2 weeks – Got through 5 of them
10. Visit the Philippines
11. Visit Singapore
12. Visit Thailand… Again
13. Continue my daily random acts of kindness, blog it – trying… Sometimes it’s just a smile or a nod – Ongoing, had 3 univ students, new to Hangzhou, over for dinner 🙂
14. Blog everyday, can be challenging if VPN goes out – I’ve posted more blogs than days of the year, so far! – I’ve missed a day here and there, but have more posts than days of the year, so I’m on track.
15. Get rid of all the “stuff” I don’t need… In my storage unit AND in my flat! – Gave away more than 10 bags of stuff from my storage unit when I was home in January AND threw out 6 bags of stuff. Reduced my stuff in my China flat from 9 boxes to 3 boxes! I’m barely bringing any stuff back from China!
16. Live as green as possible – Hard to do in China, but I walk EVERYWHERE! The only exception is if I am going to train station or airport. I even walk to and from my friend K’s house a couple times a week (3.57 miles each way!) Still doing this, and my housekeeper recycles the plastics.
17. Start an indoor herb garden – had some basil, lasted a few weeks, planning on container gardening when I get home in a couple of weeks.
18. Run 10k without stopping!
19. Read 100 books – I’ve read 6, on my 7th, most have been on iBooks. – On book 39!
20. Start yoga classes by March 1st – difficult in Hangzhou, doing wii yoga, took class that kicked my ass, but was fun, in Hong Kong. Will go back to studio in a month on my next visa run. I joined YOGAmazing online and download my sessions from there.
21. Take yoga at least once per week – Doing it on wii, 30 mins/3 times a week – gave wii to my driver Jerry for his daughter and to thank him for taking such good care of me while I lived here 🙂 I am doing YOGAmazing 3-5 x a week on my iPad.
22. Run at least 3 times a week – I’m running 2 days on and 1 day off, so definitely meeting this goal – running 5x a week
23.save 25% of my annual income… This will be challenging given my propensity for travel I accomplished this with my February pay and my March pay, managed about 17% through August.
24. Travel coach – Yup! I’m actually sitting on my 9th flight of the year, in coach… Although I did get a free upgrade on 2 flight segments going home in January… And I used my British Air miles to fly back to China from Miami in February… Only had to pay taxes – I haven’t paid for an upgrade. Got another free upgrade on my way back to China in June. Customer loyalty and dressing p for flights pays off!
25. Plan a 50th birthday cruise for my mates and aim to get at least 100 people to go! – Cruise planned… Not sure of the numbers – Planned, about 25 people coming
26. Get another tattoo.
27. Attend a rock concert
28. Paint 2 big canvases and complete my little canvas series – painted a medium and 3 smalls since March.
29. Surprise someone I love by giving her the series (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog… But she’d totally guess it was her, if she did) – Did this, she was pleased 🙂
30. Start my own blog site with help from Charlotte, one of my Dukan buddies. – work in progress
31. Try not to send emails or make phones calls on the nights I take sleep medicine – So far, so good – So far, so good
32. Celebrate a holiday that I don’t usually celebrate!Chinese Spring Festival, British Day, Bastille Day and Ramadan
33. Figure out how to set up my wii again… I love the yoga and the boxing – DONE
34. Take 2 backpacking trips 1 down, one to go, DONE
35. See more of China since I live here! – been to Taizhou, Wuzhen and I’m going to Guangzhou next week! I’VE DONE A FEW NICE TOURS.
36. Take an overnight train in China… – DONE – IT WAS HELL!
37. Open up my heart and take some chances – Yeah, not in China, this one will have to wait, unless someone amazing pops up.
38. At least 80% of my quotes of the day will be by women I respect – most of my quotes have been by women
39. Send in my absentee ballot for the Presidential electiongoing home, will vote in person!
40. Drink 1.5 liters of water per day – DOING – usually 3+ liters
41. Weigh myself every day – DOING
42. Get a minimum of a 30 minute walk in per day – DOING
43. Take my bran every single day – DOING switched to flaxseed
44. Pray and meditate for good health each day, purposefully – DOING
45. Pray for the health of those I love, purposefully – DOING
46. Continue reading john shore.com and Pastor Bob every time they post a blog… Their wisdom fills me up. – DOING
47. Don’t make excuses – I haven’t allowed myself… I’m really proud of thus far meeting this goal – DOING
48. Work on being less angry – Um, I AM working on this, still working on this
49. Just for today, I will refrain from improving anybody but myself. – DOING

14 thoughts on “Bucket List Update

    • Thanks, Anna… The one thing I noticed about my list, several hours after I wrote the post, is that there is NO mention of maintaining the weight loss! I think there is definitely some meaning behind that… as in I couldn’t even see that far into the future. I mention meeting my goal weights, but not maintaining it. I’m thinking deeply about that… any thoughts?

      • Possibly that now you’re so used to your lifestyle eating and comfortable in your weight that it’s less on your mind. In other words, less of an “issue” or “needs done/improving”. What do you think?

      • But I wrote the list in January, when I was barely at the half-way mark of my weight loss. I am wondering if I doubted I’d get to my goal weight, so wasn’t even focusing on maintaining OR did I know I was going to reach that goal and would never go back…

      • Seems to me that your focus was on achieving the goal, and you made room on the list for that. Teasing apart the meaning of why maintenance did not make the list could be useful, but it could also mean that you just need to add it now 🙂
        For those of us who like teasing though, (self included) I would not pick one or the other of the two possible scenarios…we are much more complex beings than that I think…It’s possible that you left it off the list for both reasons you cite ie: fear of not achieving the goal/knowledge that you would! Now that you KNOW YOU DID IT…bask in the glory, put it on the list and carry on!

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