I Make Small Steps

“I make small steps daily toward the vision for my life. You may not notice the change now, but over time it will be undeniable” ~ Marc Payan

April 2011 AND December 2011

When you start out dieting, especially when you’ve dealt with obesity for most of your adult life, you don’t envision yourself at your goal weight, or close to your goal weight. I started out in August because of a lunch meeting with a former classmate and a picture of me at my 30th class reunion, from behind. Not a glimpse you get very often. I had pretty much “accepted” myself, as is. I could not have been more wrong. A series of events occurred while I was home in August that showed me how wrong it was to “accept” me for who I was… who I had become was obese, sluggish, out of breath and not healthy. My lunch meeting with John Geraghty was an eye opener. He set me straight on the fact that it’s not OK to accept yourself as unhealthy. THANK YOU, JOHN!!! What I loved about our meeting is that John LISTENS, and he listened to me and let me reason myself into reality. I took notes, I bought the books he recommended and I took what he told me to heart and brain.
Then the reunion and the picture from behind… of my BIG behind. And then THE BOOK. My friend Lucy encouraged me to buy the Dukan Diet book in Abu Dhabi, and I did, and I threw it in my luggage and IGNORED it for my entire time at home. Then I saw the picture of my big behind and put the book in my carry on. I read the book on the flight from Miami to London EVERY.SINGLE.WORD. And then I read it AGAIN on the flight from London to Abu Dhabi… it was like a light bulb went off!
Then I started doubting myself… was I setting myself up for failure? Then my brain kicked in and said, “um yeah… HEART FAILURE!”… So I did it… starting August 20, 2011… and took small steps… one step at a time, one day at a time… and it took a while to notice the changes… but now…

14 thoughts on “I Make Small Steps

  1. You are amazing Sandi! Yes the physical changes are undeniable but more so are the changes to your confidence and happiness! You exude positivity, clarity and a joyful appreciation for life. A true success, success with happiness……Your post even made me take some pics of myself!!!!! I know a shocker….. LOL. I’ll post them soon / soonish. Hehe xoxo.

  2. Love the photo! You look beautiful and yes you are inspirational! I have just gone through the iPad at our photo’s from the last 10 years- funnily enough im in very few and if I was I’m hiding behind my son! Found an awful before one taken only last March and it made me cry but has also spurred me on to keep going. Had friends here for dinner last night, danced badly all night to 80’s music, one of the friends who I haven’t seen since Christmas did a double take and then demanded how! That definitely spurs me on! I look forward to seeing more photos of your success xxx

    • I am hard pressed to find pics from the last year to do before and after pics, too. Take that picture and let it spur you on… I have 3 pictures on the front of the refrigerator… a constant reminder of where I do not want to be ever again!

      I bet you had a great time dancing with your friends… don’t we all dance badly πŸ˜€

      I preach Dukan from the rooftops… if someone asks me I tell them all about the book… I wish you the best of luck on your journey… If I can do it, anyone can!!

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