Dukan – Day 3 Attack Phase

So, today I did not eat enough!  I just couldn’t seem to find the time. I was off today and had a million errands to run. No excuse for not eating enough. I didn’t go off the program, I ate the foods I was suppose to, just not enough. Funny that, when you’re on a “diet”.

Breakfast a cup of coffee, then out the door to drop Lucy off at work. When I should have been having my mid-morning snack I was at the bank. I did have a guzzle of water, but that was about it. Lunch was good. A nice big organic chicken breast… boneless and skinless, that I cubed and stir fried with a handful of onions, a cup of non-fat yogurt with 1.5 TBS of oat bran stirred in and a bit of Splenda to sweeten. Mid-Afternoon snack was 2 slices of butterball turkey breast (a huge score at the super expensive grocery store!). Then it was off to Iftar (break fast) dinner at work to celebrate Ramadan. Well, there was no grilled meat which is typical Arabic food fare! WTF? Argh. So, while everyone ate some yummy looking food, I had a diet coke… I was quite pleased with myself 🙂 Then I had 2 more slices of the turkey breast just now.

I did treat myself to a 1 hour massage tonight. And I am in ketosis! YAY! While the Thai massage therapists (yes, there were 2 of them!!) were massaging me, I was imagining them activating the fat cells to mobilize out of my body!!! If I think it, it will happen!

Here’s my weight loss from this morning… 8 pounds in 5 days! WOOT!

4 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 3 Attack Phase

  1. Thats awesome!!!!!!!! I am so pleased you’ve made such progress. Now you have an even better reason for sticking to your life-style change. I bet you can already feel the change in the fit of your clothes. Jealous about the message! LOL

    • My panties are loser 🙂 Does that count? I just have to make sure I eat enough and at the right times… there were times today I was hungry and could have made bad choices… glad I didn’t!
      Thanks SO much for the support, Shannon! xoxoxo

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