Thailand & Dukan Days 84 & 85

Ugh! I typed this yesterday and it didn’t save it…
Saturday weight loss: 0.4 lb/0.2 kg
Sunday weight loss: none
Total weight loss: 41.7 lb/19.0 kg

So, I’m going to summarize with pictures… But first, this is what I’m looking at this instant… It’s 648 am on Monday in Kuraburi, Thailand having coffee on the veranda off my room at the resort in the rain forest… Take a look:


🙂 Nice, huh?

We went on A two day community stay. So often we go on holiday (vacation) and hang on the beach, go to bars and see the “touristy” stuff, but we don’t see the real stuff. Well we did. We made soap with the Ladies cooperative, formed after the tsunami devastated their village, taking more than 60 lives, including 16 children who were in school at the time.


We went to the monkey reserve just behind our home stay house, where they rehab monkeys that were taken as pets, back into the rainforest.


We made thatched roof sections with the ladies co-op and had amazing, authentic food, some of which we helped prepare…it was an amazing 2 days!

Our sleeping accommodation.


Birds used for singing competitions.

We’re now back at the resort having early morning coffee. In a couple of hours we’ll be swept off to Elephant Hills Resort…. LIFE IS GOOD AND I AM GRATEFUL. More tomorrow if there is Internet!




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