Dukan – Consolidation Day 73

Wow! 73 days! I can’t believe it. And you know what? My weight has been between 144 and 147 each and every morning for about 6 weeks now. Woot!

Daily Weight: 146 lbs/66.22 kgs
Goal weight: 155 lbs/70.5 kgs

I’ve been eating very well. Mostly 3 egg omelets for breakfast, meat and veggies for lunch and dinner. I’m loving all the veggies and a sweet potato 3x a week. I’m doing a PP day once per week and a celebration meal.

I’m on week 2 of being in Guangzhou working, so eating out more than I like, because I’m not suppose to cook in my room. And I’m on my 2nd 2 day trip to Hong Kong in as many weeks. Hong Kong is a $20 train ticket and only 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Guangzhou. It is heaven. Although maybe not right now as you’ll see from these pictures…

About 10 minutes after arriving in Hong Kong yesterday, I stripped off my clothes, put on bathing suit and headed to rooftop pool… It is a small pool, just 15′ x 4′. I was perplexed as to why the wooden chairs and table weren’t there, but laid out my towel and took this glorious picture…


About 25 minutes later I noticed an abrupt change and looked up to see this…


And then the rain started… So inside I went. While waiting for the elevator I noticed this…


So WTH does that mean you ask? This…


So, I went from this…


To this…


Pretty quickly. But that’s OK because I still got a good walk in last night and a run in this morning and I’ve been forced to RELAX by just chilling in my room here at the hotel, which saves me money because it’s too yucky to be out shopping 😀 So all’s good!

Happy Monday, Everyone!


16 thoughts on “Dukan – Consolidation Day 73

  1. Look at skinny you in a bikini! Looking good 🙂 , shame about the weather, hope it improves, we fly to Phuket on Wednesday, hope the weather will be ok, it’s glorious here which is great as we are now on 6 weeks holiday! I’m not sure I will brave enough to wear a bikini though lol! Can’t wait to see all my old nursing buddies! Harry’s last week at primary school- it was emotional! Well done on your consolidation you are doing so well and look fabulous x

    • Oh Meg have a fantastic time in Phuket! Make sure you get over to Krabi and Phi Phi Island, both of which I liked even more than Phuket, if you can imagine!
      Congrats to Harry for moving on to his next chapter! It’s hard seeing them grow up, treasure every moment!

  2. You so should wear a bikini at home!!!!! No reason at all not too. Just look at where you have come from…weight and fitness wise and where you are now…wear that bikin with pride girl!

    • You Brits have a much healthier outlook about body image. I always felt comfortable at The Club on the beach and would totally wear a two piece there. At home… Need to firm up a bit more before I’d be comfortable… Sadly enough.

  3. Girl…..you are smokin’ that bikini!!! Woohoo! Was great Skyping with you. Be safe and we’ll talk again soon.

  4. Bikini ON!! Screw the uptight American attitudes Sandi, truly, I was at the beach recently and wearing my ‘boy shorts & tshirt style rash guard’ and then looked around me. Suddenly I felt like a normal person surrounded by very fat folks. Many much bigger than I strutting their stuff in two pieces. Partly I envy them, the moxie to wear whatever they want and not give a fig!!! But you totally are looking rocking in the ‘kini…. 🙂 Yikes on that typhoon thing!!

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