Dukan – Consolidation – Day 20/500

Thursday was Consolidation Day 20 of 500 🙂

Daily Weight: 149 (please don’t yell at me, Mom!)
Goal Weight: 155

Early start for me because I’m going to Dongguan to one of our hospitals there to do a comprehensive health and safety audit and to give 2 lectures on International Patient Safety goals. I love visiting the hospitals in our group (my company owns 20 maternity hospitals in Southern China) and I always feel warmly received… This was at the main entrance when I arrived…


A big shout out and thanks to my Guangzhou PA Rose, who sent out this picture to the branding department at Dongguan so a more up-to-date me is on the posters 🙂

These hospitals have amazing branding and marketing departments and the are FINALLY using new pictures on the posters. Here’s a poster from April 2011. The pic is one that they were still using a month ago!!


That’s my Vivien in the picture above. She’s the Director of the Hangzhou International Medical Care Center… My home base hospital. Pic was taken April 2011. I’ve changed a lot, Vivi still looks awesome!

So, after getting a nice tour of all 7 floors of the hospital and enough tray brewed Chinese tea to have a good buzz going, I was off on my own to do the audit. These are some of the challenges that I came across. What I love about finding these things is that they are wonderful for educational purposes and a way for me to be a change agent. Having the support of the administration of the hospitals is key.

Can you guess what’s behind this picture frame?


You’re correct if you guessed fire fighting equipment!


Sure looks pretty, unless there is an emergency! At least they don’t have any hiding behind couches like this one…


One thing I really loved was that these posters were everywhere in the hospital…


And they take it seriously with a zero tolerance policy. This is the first Chinese hospital I’ve been in that I could not smell cigarettes! All of our hospitals have a no smoking policy, but the nurses are too polite to say anything. This hospital has empowered the nurses to say no! So exciting!

A big issue I have with H&S here is Sharps containers. I either find yellow bags in cardboard boxes or like this…


They put yellow bags inside the Sharps container and when it’s full, they take it out and put it with the medical waste. I can’t imagine the needle stick injuries that occur 😦 There is a very high Hepatitis B rate here and I shutter to think how high it must be in the healthcare practitioner field. I am currently trying to get our company to convert to snap on top Sharps containers. They are very good at complying with my suggestions!

This is another really cool thing I found today. One of the elevator doors…


After the inspection I did 2 health and safety presentations. The first was on patient identification and the other on the “time out” procedure. And then, as a bonus I showed them my Water Birth in Pictures presentation which is my daughter Tiffany’s 4th birth. A huge hit. Lots of questions, everyone loves that presentation 🙂 Heck I love it. I’ve presented it probably 20 times and I still beam with pride at Tiff’s beauty in labor and the moment she and Joey bring the baby up out of the womb.

This is right before I left to go back to Guangzhou. Me and the Admin from Maria Maternity…


Crazy drive back to GZ and I hurriedly changed clothes and ran to the subway because I had a 7 pm appt with Joey, the torturer, errr my personal trainer. It hurts my triceps to type this post! Lol. We focused on arms and abs for an hour. I then went out to run. It was 84 degrees and 96% humidity… I didn’t get too far…


Note that the stadium I’m running around is to the southeast of where the GPS has me running in circles, lol? Anyway, I pooped out. I couldn’t get any kind of rhythm going, so I jog/walked/limped to the subway and went back to my room.


Breakfast: Low fat Greek yogurt with flaxseed and Splenda
Lunch: broiled fish, garlic stems, broccoli raub with big chunks of ginger
Dinner: 2 chicken sausages, low fat cottage cheese
Snack after workout: 20 almonds and 2 oz low fat sharp cheddar


14 thoughts on “Dukan – Consolidation – Day 20/500

  1. Love the poster! I can relate to the heat.. Here in Arizona, 80 degrees at 6:30 AM…swimming today.

    • The heat is just awful… I hope it’s not this humid in Florida next week when I run my first 5K!
      I hope you’re getting some much deserved R&R in… Xoxo

  2. How cool to have that great picture of yourself greeting everyone! I love that top…ooohhh paisley, a fave 🙂
    lift and cardio day for me today…swim/lift/bike. Happy weekend Sandi.

  3. Fantastic Huge poster size picture of yourself looking so slim 🙂 You look completely different!!

    I do like the hydrant behind the pictures – it isn’t so ugly!!

  4. I’m way behind on reading posts this week b/c of graduation but I LOVED this one .. how cool to be met by a poster of your own smiley face? 🙂

    I shuddered at the needle disposal story, too … You are force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure. I have no doubt you can get others to adopt the safer method.


  5. Love your posts they make my day! What a difference in the photos! You are looking good! The sharp containers shocked me, as a ex nurse in an infectious disease hospital I’m amazed that unsafe needle removal is still going on in 2012 😦 thank god people like you are there helping educate, x

    • Thanks Meg! It is a bit disconcerting. I worry about the staff and needle sticks. I asked if they have incident report forms… Nada 😦
      Slow little baby step changes… One at a time… I’ll get them there.

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