Quick Dukan Check In

Well… I finally got a scale! YAY! And I weighed myself this morning and I gained 1/2 kg…. BOO!!! Hard traveling and eating right! I mean, I’ve been eating what I think is right, but with meat that has fillers and whatever else, it’s been difficult.

I think the biggest bummer is that I’m exercising WAY more, so how the hell do I gain!?!? I’m up to 35 minutes of walking and while walking I get in 30 squats and 30 tricep push ups. So I’m a bit confused… and 3 nights this week the walks were UPHILL for the first 15 minutes! I mean  STEEP uphill.

I’ve got a plan… I’m just going to eat EGGS! LOL, not really… but I am going shopping tomorrow and will get refocused and not rely on what others are feeding me. And I’ll check in again tomorrow and let you know how that is working out.

For now, I’d like for my readers to give a thought, blessing, prayer, whatever your preference is, to my daughter Jenni who is undergoing surgery this afternoon… that she will be healed. Our whole family will definitely appreciate it 🙂

And a parting picture… this was taken of my granddaughter, Sadie Rose, on a trip to London 2 years ago… Aleisha reposted it, slightly edited on facebook yesterday and it is really my favorite pic of the 1000 or so pics she took over the course of 8 days. Here it is:

Sadie Rose... Talkin' to God in the Stokes Poge Memorial Garden... UK

8 thoughts on “Quick Dukan Check In

  1. Keep at it. You may have water weight gain and if it is a new scale, it may just weigh differently. In Dr Dukan book he explains the basis for the protein diet. And you need protein to have it work correctly. Drink more water and eat as much pure protein as possible, eggs, fish, tofu. I do not know where you are but eat and drink cold things. It takes a lot of calories to keep our body at right temp. Eat ice.

  2. Thought I’d chime in with Muscle weighs more than Fat. You’re doing great, Mom! I want to also thank you for all the uplifting prayers. Surgery went smooth and now I just gotta make it through the recovery process. Hopefully, in a couple weeks, I’ll be good as new. Love you!

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