Dukan – Consolidation Day 85 – Aussie Football Rocks

Wow… 85 days on Consolidation! And you know what… I’m sticking to the plan and my weight is stabilized… I will be in Consolidation for a total of 500 days so I’ve got 415 to go!
Since starting in Consolidation I went from 155 down to a low of 144. I have consistently been between 144 and 148 for nearly 2 months now. Awesome! This morning 146.

Breakfast: Cream cheese pancakes ** without syrup, not able to find sugar free here! Ate them in bed with a cup of coffee before getting ready for work.
This is Titters, my cat, wishing I’d share some of that pancakey goodness with him…

He put his back to me because I wouldn’t share!

Lunch: A yummy salad with red cabbage, cukes, tomatoes and bacon and edam cheese!

Before I carnivored it up 🙂

Afternoon Snack: 2 tea eggs
Dinner: Philly cheese steak without the bread and a small side salad.

Walked to and from work twice as I walked home for lunch.
Ran 5K in record time the night before… loving that I can breathe again. It’s been 12 weeks since my surgery and I’ve only been able to take full breaths for the last 2 weeks… general anesthesia is the culprit, me thinks.

After work I went with Vivien to an Aussie friends house to watch Australian Rules Footie… I am totally into it and the commentary during the game from those watching is great fun and instead of running 10 feet and having a time out, they just keep going and going and going… it’s going to be hard to go home to the States and enjoy the NFL… lol! The end of this game was AMAZING!!! Tom Hawkins (Tomahawk) #26, kicked the winning 6 point goal with 0 seconds left on the clock!!! Bringing them to their 9th victory in a row… I guess Cats really do have 9 lives! So, Rory, my partner in fun for the guest running blog I wrote a few weeks ago, presented me with my official fan Geelong Cats T-shirt! I totally feel like part of the gang now 😀 Thanks, Rory!


The Tomahawk

At the end of the night my local daughter, Vivien, walked me downstairs and I talked her into a self pic… lol… I’m going to miss this girl when I move home!

ViviMokaLaka – August 2012

I look a little different than I did a little more than a year ago when I took this pic…

ViviMokaLaka – April 2011


**I bought the amazing cookbook from this blogger. Her recipes are awesome and easy to follow! I highly recommend the book and can’t wait to get in a REAL kitchen with a REAL oven and make more of the stuff in the book!

10 thoughts on “Dukan – Consolidation Day 85 – Aussie Football Rocks

  1. Was there suppose to be a link to the cookbook? I was intrigued to have a look but no link 😦 I always LOVE your recipes and cooking. Your salad looks really yummy…. my life is still really HECTIC, work is busy and I have so much to catch up on and we still are living out of boxes as they are not all unpacked. We’ve moved from a biggish house to a much smaller one and so we need to give a fair bit of our less used items away. Keep up the awesome consolidation efforts! My running is going well – marathon in three weeks!

    • Hey Mel! If you click on the pancake link at the beginning of the post, it’ll take you to her blog and the cook book link is on the right 🙂 I’ll go back and edit a link into the book… thanks for the head’s up!
      Thanks for the catch up! Will you get some time off soon to unpack?!? Hugs to the pup!

  2. As I always say, your cat looks like a jerk. 🙂 You look amazing though Mama. I had to laugh at the gum in your mouth. I always think of you when I see gum like that in the little plastic bottle at the checkout line.

    • Stop picking on my cat! LOL 😀 You’re right, he is a jerk… Opened my bedroom door at 5 this morning to let me know he was hungry!

      I love my gum… I even sleep with it in my mouth sometimes… Got me through the rough, I want a sweet, times ths past year.

      Miss you guys xoxoxo

    • The pancakes are yummy and yes, Titters will fly back to the States. He used to be Kira’s cat and I adopted him when they moved back to the States… He’s my big boy now. 🙂

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