Dukan – Day 210 – 30 weeks and still losing!

Friday was a PP day 🙂

Daily weight loss: 0.2 lb/0.10 kg
Total weight loss: 76.8 lb/34.91 kg

An up and down week weight wise, but had a net .6 kg loss, so I’m happy with that! I had several meals out entertaining guests of the hospital and I’m sure that contributed because I can’t control that like I can the food I make.

I can’t believe it’s been 30 weeks since I embarked on this journey. Along the way I’ve lost weight equivalent to:
1 baby llama
The average Irish Setter
The average 11 year old
6 American Bald Eagles
245 iPhones
6825 US nickels
720,000 million human sperm
4800 cups of popcorn

I think that’s pretty impressive 🙂

Additionally I have gained a lot of friends through other blogs. Wow what a support group I have! And I am following a few dozen blogs. And read each and every one of them.

My family (especially my amazing Mom) and my friends have helped me get this far by cheering me on and keeping me accountable.

So I keep plugging on… To reach my True Weight established by Dr. Dukan I only have
13.2 lbs/6.0 kgs to go. I’m going for 10 pounds less than that.

AND… I signed up to run my first 5K while home on vacation in June. I was nauseous for the hour after I clicked the “Send” button on the registration! Memories of finishing last in swim competitions fill my head, but memories of my mom and dad encouraging me and telling me how awesome I did push it back… A little. The 5K is in Ocala, near my Mom! So I’m hoping she’ll be there cheering for me at the end 🙂

Friday Food:
Breakfast: 2 tea eggs, 1 coffee
Lunch: 2 tea eggs, 3 slices ham
Dinner: Grilled chicken with lime juice squeezed on and cracked black pepper and onions and garlic stems
Snack: A 2 egg omelet with 2 TBS bran, garlic powder and 1/2 diced garlic stem… Yum

Friday Exercise: Walk to work 1 mile/1.5 km
Walk home from work, same, same
Run: 2.5 km run, 3 min walk, 1.5 km run, 25 min walk… Felt great 🙂


I thought Friday was St Patty’s Day and was so excited to put on the green… LOL. Didn’t realize it was only the 16th… 😀 I love this top! And Happy St Patty’s Day!


14 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 210 – 30 weeks and still losing!

  1. Happy St Patricks Day Sandi! It’s now the 17 th of March here so my Irish buddy’s will be indulging in the black stuff. Well done on the weight loss, you look fab in the green top and you are so close to your own goal. My son Harry is 11 tomorrow and you say you have lost the eqivilant of him- I can’t pick Harry up – lol! I’m very impressed you have signed up for the 5 km run, bet you can’t wait to have your Mum cheering you on,I’m off to a swimming and pizza party for Harry and 11 friends – he can’t wait! Have a fab weekend x

  2. I love your list. My daughter made me look at things differently when I was down 15 lbs. I said it’s not that much, I have so far to go. She said….mom, you lost a whole Ramona, you are not carrying around a four month old strapped to your ass anymore! LOL

    You will do the 5k with a smile cause that’s you! My parents used to live in Ocala! What a small world. And your green blouse is beautiful.

    • Thanks! I have NO idea why your messages were in my Spam folder… glad I found them 🙂
      Your daughter is right… 15 lbs is awesome!!
      My mom is in Newberry and we used to live in Levy Co., just west of Ocala… I love it up there. It is, indeed, a small world!

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