Back in Hangzhou

Sunday was a PP day… and boy did it need to be!

Daily weight loss: TWO POUNDS!!!/0.9 kg … WOO HOO!!! 😀
Total weight loss: 42.7 lbs/19.41 kg AND 3.05 STONE (for those of you from the UK)

So we took a 3 a.m. flight early this morning from Phuket to Shanghai… not nearly LONG enough… I know that sounds crazy, but a 4.5 hour flight is not conducive to a good sleep! We then had to take the subway in Shanghai 1 hour 25 minutes to the Train station on the complete opposite side of the city. Then the high-speed train from Shanghai to Hangzhou was 42 minutes… flying like the wind! Then a taxi ride to my flat…. from the time we left Phuket to the time we arrived at my flat exactly 12 hours.

Breakfast: Eggs and Ham in the Shanghai airport with a cafe latte.

No lunch… since we were traveling.
Early dinner: Blackened “Australian Small Calf”… we’re assuming that is veal… hehehe that had the hottest black pepper ever!

Long walk to the restaurant and a nice long walk home… then just relaxing, catching up with our loved ones on Skype and the internet and we both were off to lala land pretty early!

Our trip to Thailand was awesome…. I had the best time with Karen, Dominique and Cathy. We did some amazing things, saw some amazing things, ate meals with people who were affected by the tsunami in 2004… saw how resilient human beings are… when disaster strikes. You pull up your boot straps, rebuild your village, love your neighbors (including the neighbors from across the world) a little more and continue living. We stayed in 3 communities severely impacted by the tsunami… all of them are flourishing and our tourism there helps them flourish a bit more!

The people of Thailand are kind and welcoming… the tour company we used, Buffalo Tours was 5-star! Eve, the travel rep I worked with, was phenomenal, patient, changed things, changed them again and always did it with a smile. She put together a private tour for the 4 of us that we will never forget! Thanks SO MUCH, EVE!

Now, Cathy and I are off to check out Hangzhou… I hope you all have a blessed sleep!

Ciao for now!


6 thoughts on “Back in Hangzhou

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you are happy while traveling to our beautiful country “THAILAND” and Safe Home! Hopefully that I will have a chance to plan the future vacations for you and your friends especially for these 4 Countries Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

    Let’s us Inspire you to Traveling…

    Your Sincerely,

    • Eve, you were so amazing I can guarantee you that I will use your service again! I can’t thank you enough for booking us the most amazing holiday! I hope this finds you safe, the waters receding and life returning to normal. Many blessings!

      • Thank you very much Sandi 🙂 The flooding situation right now is back to normal except some lowland area still affected by flooding (sadly for them) Thailand try very hard to release the water out before the end of December. I’m just back from vacation trip I’ve been visit my family (The North of Thailand is now getting cold) Take of good care for you and your family!! see you on the next vacations

      • Eve, so glad to hear things are improving! I hope you had a nice vacation home… I’m missing the warm, soft breezes of Krabi… my new favorite place on Earth!

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