Dukan – Consolidation Day???

I’ve lost count of the days since I’m in Hong Kong, but all’s well in the Consolidation Phase.

Daily Weight: 152 lb/69 kg
Goal weight: 155 lb/70.5 kg

Early morning train into Hong Kong for shopping and rest πŸ˜€

Shopped until I dropped! I bought a pair of Nike running compression pants in Tight Fit. They feel SO much better than the freaking garment I’ve been wearing.

I had a 1 hour foot massage at Joy Foot Club…


And a 25 minute head, neck and shoulder massage. I then went and did more shopping πŸ™‚ I also went for a 3 mile walk.

I finished my Monday with a Skype chat with Kira, Dan, SΓΈren and Helena which made me very happy! πŸ™‚ I love Skype! A few days ago I got to chat with both daughters, sons-in-law and all 6 GRANDKIDS!

Breakfast: Almonds and Edam cheese
Lunch: Street pork… Mmmmmmmm
Dinner: Rocket salad with artichokes
Snack: FF Greek yogurt

It’s Tuesday afternoon now. This is what I’m doing this very minute…


Typing 2 blogs while getting a pedi… Cheeky, I know πŸ˜€ I just finished a one hour full body massage… A light massage, cuz I’m still tender in spots!

This morning I got up at 545 am and went out and did this…




Those are from the entire trek… This is the run portion…


Great morning, followed by some shopping and now pampering… After my toes are dried I’m walking to the subway and getting back to mainland China… 6 days and I fly HOME!!!


20 thoughts on “Dukan – Consolidation Day???

  1. 10 lbs down and 30 to go till consolidation– Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! Though I am so intemidated by your activity- If i moved as much as you I would consolodate tomorrow! Wow.
    Can I blame it on being in West Texas and we don’t walk anywhere?! If you are walking around here someone stops to take you to the nearest gas station ;)–
    Can’t wait to hear about your ‘run’!!

    • 10 pounds! Your a quarter of the way there!

      I totally get the no walking thing, it’s the same where I’m from in Florida. I love it now, though. I can see myself walking or bike riding almost everywhere at home?.. I’ve never done so much exercise, but I love it!

      My run is a mere 11 days away! I can’t believe it!

  2. 10 days til I get to see your bright, shiney face!!! Can’t wait. Hopefully we’ll have all of this rain out of here by then. Lord, have mercy. It’s constant today but we really do need it. Safe travels home. P.S., your toes look great! πŸ˜‰

  3. Look at you getting all pampered up! πŸ™‚ – Good for you. Those feet need a break from all that running and walking πŸ™‚ – I want your energy! Really! Are you going back home for good? No more far east? and Asia? – Awesome run today.

    • I hadn’t had a pedi since early November! Can’t find a decent shop here to do it. One thing I really miss about Abu Dhabi, Jo at Nails!

      I’m just going home for vacation. My contract here runs through September… Then we’ll see.

  4. Man you move…Mile 6 8:11, speedy!!!!!! I would not be able to keep up!! Did you get a Garmin? or is that from you iphone??

    • Didn’t find a Garmin 😦 I’ll get one from the States, so yes, this is my iPhone. The first shots are RunKeeper and the last one is Bridge to 10K. I use RK to log my entire activity and the B210K to log just the run.
      Minute 6 was a brutal downhill section, I was propelled to that speed by gravity… Hehe, praying the whole time my face wouldn’t hit the pavement… To make it further challenging, it was raining.

  5. Where exactly is home for you? My husbands family isin Stuart and Jensen beach. I noticed that you had a picture in the Jensen Beach Ale house. I’ve been there too! Currently I live in Key West.

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