Dukan – Day 216 – Eating on the Run

Thursday was a PP day 🙂

Daily Weight Loss: 0.9 lb/0.40 kg
Total Weight Loss: 80.8 lb/36.71 kg

And MY BMI IS NOW NOT IN THE OBESE CATAGORY!!! WOO HOO! 😀 Cart wheels… well, not really, I’d probably hurt myself! My BMI is now 30… DOWN FROM 45. Nevermind the fact that I’ve lost over 80 pounds in 7 months, I’m not OBESE anymore… OK, a couple more cart wheels!

Yesterday was a true midwife day and thus the loss on the scale… I will write about it in a different post… but lets just say that I’m knackered, sad, happy, ecstatic and exhausted all wound in to one midwife!

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Late lunch: Grilled chicken chunks
Later dinner: left over grilled chicken chunks

3 coffees, 1.5 liters of water

Exercise: Well a funny thing about that… I went out for my run (in the cold rain… again) and did the whole C25K segment and I hadn’t moved it to the NEXT DAY!!! So it just showed that I had finished what I did 2 days before 😦 I went back inside and thought about it and went back out and ran it again… getting credit for it. And I shaved more than 2 minutes off the run from just before 🙂 That made me very happy. What I really love about C25K is that even though I thought moving forward would be insurmountable, it’s not! It was at first, and I was stuck on Week 4 FOREVER (my own screwed up head), but now I’m running and I’m not out of breath… winded a bit, yes, but not GASPING FOR AIR, like I was before. And, in fact, my legs start getting tired way before my lungs do, how cool is that???

I’m not sure how it will be when the real spring finally arrives here in Hangzhou, China and the pavement isn’t wet… LOL. I’m so used to running in the rain. I would say it has rained 8 out of every 10 times I’ve run. I’m still running past the gym every night… three times and each time I go past, all the people are on the treadmills and I just think out loud… treadmills are for wussies 🙂 Cheeky little bint I am 🙂


Oh… and a before and after shot today… I am wearing the same shirt in both pics… The first couple were taken in 2008 when my precious granddaughter Sofia was born… I bought the shirt at a MANA conference and they didn’t have my size 2XL or even a 1XL… only a large and I wanted support the organization represented on the shirt, so I bought a large, and forced it on… LOL.
The second pic was today. Midwives, do indeed, help people out, and nothing could be truer in regard the birth I was blessed to attend last night/early this morning. I think the shirt is a little big now… but I’ll keep wearing it!!

OMG, I can't believe I'm actually sharing this pic!

The white pants were outrageous!

I think the shirt fits a lot better now!

26 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 216 – Eating on the Run

    • You are well on your way! And not only are you losing weight, but you’ve taken control of how your body regulates insulin! I get a lot of food ideas from you 🙂

  1. What an inspiration to me! YOU ROCK! To look at yourself then, and believe that you could be less size–and then to see you now? You must feel AMAZING! 🙂

    I’m also in the “obese” category, although I’ve done triathlons at this weight. Sometimes I wonder what modern science thinks is healthy 😛

    Thanks, I needed to read someone’s story like this today. The key is being active, eh? YEA FOR YOU! Today is a good day. Just remember, it’s not over yet, right? Me either! This is a life-long struggle for me.

    • Hi Sandra! I do feel amazing and even though I’m coming to the end of the Cruise Phase, I know it’s not over… this will be a life long change. I will continue to blog and talk about the struggles of keeping weight down and continue to weight myself daily 🙂
      I liken my attitude with weight loss this time with when I quit smoking cigarettes nearly 7 years ago. I would never be able to take a single drag off of a cigarette again, or I’d be right back at 2 packs a day… same with this life style change, I will not be able to divulge in crap food like potato chips, KFC and other stuff w/o going back on it. Food is an addiction for me. I’m going to stay in “recovering” addict status for the rest of my life! 😀

  2. I love it! Yes the bodies are different…natch. However, the face/look is what says even more to me! The first one says something like, “really a camera” and the second one SCREAMS, “Hey, world, look at me I’m claiming my greatness here and now!” Yowza!

  3. Wow! Where to start??? 80lb down!! Amazing! No longer obese! Great, isn’t that such a good feeling? My bmi was 35 when I started, it’s now 27! Thank you for sharing your before and after photo of you in the t shirt, you look so great now. Hope the bloody rain stops soon for you, it was 22 c today- so beautiful and warm for March in the Uk, as you can imagine I’m a happy warm bunny x

    • Well, the sun is shining this morning (note to self, make sure to close curtain tightly)… I hope it warms us up here. It was 6 c yesterday after being 15 c on Thursday!
      I’m loving the lower BMI and even though I’ve read tons of stuff about it not being the best gauge, it’s a gauge I’ve been keeping my eye on!! Congrats on your spectacular loss, as well xoxo

  4. Congrats on so many levels Sandi!!!!! First, you look absolutely stunning, so beautiful, in your latest pic! No longer obese! Running twice!!! Delivering a baby!!!! (Hope Mum and Babe are Ok) Incredible…………………….. Long may it continue xoxo

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