Dukan – Day 226 – Whoosh

Monday was a PP Day 🙂

And God said, “Sandi needs a break today” and so it was….
Daily weight loss: 1.1 lb/0.50 kg
Total weight loss: 81.4 lb/37.01 kg

I needed that whoosh! Even with that whoosh I only lost a pound this week, but I’m going with it! I think I’ll do another PP Day today to keep the ketones up and hopefully lose 2 pounds this week. The original goal was to be at 165 by April 15th… That ain’t going to happen since that’s 8 pounds away and the 15th is 2 weeks away and this week I’m taking a 4 hour train ride each way to Wenzhou and then flying to Guangzhou next Monday for a week (with a train ride into Hong Kong). But, that’s OK, because even if I lose 2 lbs a week, that’ll be 85 pounds down in less than 8 months and that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment!

Knee update: I got a brace last night and feel 100% better… like its stabilized. I also got treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and have a plaster patch on with TCM stuff on it now. I’ll see the TCM doc today for a manipulation/massage/acupuncture. I had a total and complete melt down about the knee yesterday. My friend Julia reminded me that it’s OK to have melt downs and I’m sure there was way more going on, and the knee was a good excuse to work through it. I’ve accepted that I’m not going to run until the end of the week and then give it a try… With the brace. I think it’s totally hysterical and ironic that I am so bummed about having to take 5 days off from running. 8 months ago I couldn’t climb 2 flights of stairs without stopping to catch my breath. Now I run 30 minutes and I’m not out of breath!

And lastly, I took a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory pill last night and went to bed at 911pm (I’m a number freak, lol)… Anyway, I got a call at 1001 saying A was having mild contractions, I told her hubby to keep an eye on them, but for them to try and get rest. I got a call at 1033 saying they were very strong and every 4 minutes, I say get in taxi, lol. I get a call at 1046 that they are in taxi, I tell them I’m walking to work (I’m shocked that I’m up and alert and dressed and walking the 1 mile to work without swaying!). I get to hospital at 1101 and she’s upstairs and apparently 4 cms and already in the water birth tub. She’s behaving like she’s going to have a baby any minute… And at 1142 she did. Baby T came peacefully into her daddy’s hands in the water. I kept the vultures, errr other staff away from suctioning, stimulating or otherwise interrupting the beauty of normal birth and this baby just opened her eyes, looked at mommy and daddy and took a little nap… It was amazing to watch. She was totally unaffected by her very fast labor! What a beautiful transition to be part of. I delayed cord clamping by nearly 10 minutes. I love showing my staff here that the baby needs to be with mommy and daddy and not with them. Baby T never cried, just pinked up beautifully and rested on her mommy’s chest in the warm water of the birth tub.
I was home just over 2 hours after I left… 🙂


Baby T enjoying her gentle water birth at 3 minutes old.


22 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 226 – Whoosh

  1. Gotta love a whoosh! They make me happy! And you’ve almost made me wish I was a midwife… oh wait.. I’d be the one who would need to be taken care of if I was even in the same room. I’m thankful there are people in the world how get to have your job and experience the miracle of birth! I can live vicariously through you and your stories!

    • Thanks, Jamie. The whoosh was exactly what I needed 🙂
      I’m so blessed to be a midwife and honored when families invite me into their sacred place. Birth can be gentle no matter where or what way the baby is born, it’s the responsibility of the caretakers to make sure it is. Peace on Earth, Begins with Birth!

  2. This quote from your words really spoke to me – please clip it out and put it where you can see it!!

    “8 months ago I couldn’t climb 2 flights of stairs without stopping to catch my breath. Now I run 30 minutes and I’m not out of breath!”

    TADA! You inspire me 🙂

    And the story of baby T’s beautiful, peaceful, NATURAL arrival? Gorgeous, simply gorgeous


    • Moonday… I responded to this last night and it didn’t come through 😦 I’m having tons of issues with my internet and VPN…. blogs and facebook are banned in China, so it can be challenging at times!

      I wanted you to know that I am inspired by your blog, as well. I think the supportive blogging community has been a big factor in my weight loss and I thank you for being part of that xoxo

  3. Whoosh for you! Yay.
    Baby is gorgeous 🙂 Such a joy to share in natural L & D…better still that you are TEACHING it to others. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations on your whoosh! It was bound to happen – its YOU we’re talking about, Super Dukanite Sandi! A whoosh is always a great pick me up….. I think the closer you get to the end of this programme, the harder it is emotionally, its like someone taking away the security blanket, but congrats on your forward thinking, its great to plan in advance exactly what you will do when you reach consolidation & beyond, rather than just waking up and saying “what now?” Sorry you bust your knee, exercise can be so addictive, you must be getting the shakes by now! LOL. You’ll be up and running in no time. Fingers crossed! xoxo

    • Thanks, Sonia… this diet has definitely worked for me and I totally plan on it continuing to work for life!
      You are absolutely right about the difficulties of reaching the end… first, the weight loss slows down (as it should) and then you get to that point where you are praying that you can keep it off and not go crazy and put it all back on… add to that injuring my knee and it was a recipe for disaster this week!!! LOL

      I’m going to completely rest it until Friday… I have a note on my front door that says NO RUNNING UNTIL FRIDAY… I wanted to run last night… but the intelligent sided of my brain made me stay in my pajamas 😀

  5. Congratulations on your whoosh 🙂
    Beautiful birth story, gorgeous picture.
    You are so inspiring, I love reading your blog every day.

    I’m doing very well on my new healthy eating mission and I’m back to running 4 times per week.
    Working hard towards my Midwifery access course 🙂 5 months till I apply for a place. So scared and excited at the same time.
    Can I ask you a few midwifery related questions please Sandi?
    I would appreciate any advise you can give me.

    Best wishes

    Emma B

    • Hi Emma! I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog 🙂 It’s good to hear you’re doing well on your healthy eating journey!
      You are more than welcome to email me (flamidwyfe1@aol.com) to ask midwifery related questions… I’m happy to help in any way I can!

  6. oh what a beautiful birth story! I know this blog isn’t entirely about that part of you life, but I love it! I so wish we’d of had a midwife who was more forceful with the hospital staff. Not once in three births was I the first one to hold my baby. Blech. My birth stories always make me weepy. And unfortunately, not just because I got three lovely babies out of the deal. Another reason I wanted to become a doula!! Keep on, keepin’ on! In all aspects! And hoping your knee improves greatly, quickly!

    • Being a doula is a beautiful way to help women keep the sacred space. I am fortunate here that I have a bit of power which enables me to do whatever the heck I want with mom’s and babies. The staff wouldn’t question me, so delayed cord clamping, constantly shhhhushing them and skin to skin gets done… whether it’s a normal delivery or a c/section 😀
      If you ever want to chat about birth or becoming a doula you can always email me: flamidwyfe1@aol.com 🙂

  7. What a beautiful story :). And I was just thinking about water births today! Not that I’m even pregnant or that its at all relevant to me, haha. By the way, way to go with running for 30 minutes without being out of breath!

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