Dukan – Day 13 – Day 5 Cruise

Today is a PP Day… Pure Protein

Daily Loss: 0.0 lb/.0 kg
Total Loss: 15.9 lb/7.23 kg
Wt. to go: 94.1 lb/42.8 kg

I weighed exactly the same this morning as I did yesterday morning 😦 First time that has happened, but I’m cool with that. I’m sticking to the program and that is what counts. What makes me the happiest… my panties aren’t so tight 😀 hehe  They’re my barometer for weight gain and loss!

I had an AWESOME day today. Went to Abu Dhabi and my friend Karen and I went out on my friend Islam’s boat to LuLu Island, we swam, sun-baked, took a long walk and had a wonderful BBQ of pure meat for me! Steak and chicken kabobs… YUMMY!

Breakfast: Salmon with Fromage Frais and onions + 1 boiled egg

Snack: Pot of Yogurt with oat bran and splenda

Then nothing else until the BBQ which just about did me in. I went 6.5 hour without food and it was tempting to taste the pastries and jelly beans being passed around, but I didn’t!! YAY ME 🙂

Off to bed I go… I have happened to have 9 days off in a row because of the Eid holiday following Ramadan, gotta get back in the groove of work!


6 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 13 – Day 5 Cruise

  1. Your post reminded me of a friend who swore that every whiff of something that smells of butter and sugar puts one pound on. Rita would add it was especially true if you enjoyed the whiff. She is the author of the wise words: Doughnuts are only 100 calories each small bite.

    6 1/2 hour waiting to eat is tough. Too tough. Hope your work days are successful.

  2. Yay! Well done on avoiding the jelly beans and pastries, especially after 6.5 hours with no food! I imagine taking a tupperware container around with you with ham or chicken nuggety bites would be difficult to justify, food-safety-wise, in a place like Abu Dhabi…

    And like you say, focussing on the little things helps when you don’t see any losses on the scales – or worse still, when you see gains. I love the “clothes feel looser” thing – it totally makes me grin. I also like the “must move to the next size down” thing in stores – I used to be a UK 22, and now all the 22s look baggy and just WRONG on me.

    Keep it up! You’re doing insanely well!!!!

    Charlotte xx

    • Thanks, Charlotte! I was going to pack a snack bag, but was afraid of spoilage since we were going to be outside. I actually looked for beef jerky (even though I know the fat content is high) to take with me on the trip, but couldn’t find any… I haven’t seen it here ever.
      I’ll definitely make a better plan the next time! 🙂

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