Dukan – Day 102 Up, Up & Away… Again!

I’m actually sitting on the plane waiting for take off. I was suppose to fly to meet Lucy & Ethel tomorrow, but the hospital needs me for marketing on Sunday, so I’m flying a day early. I can’t wait to surprise them at the airport!!! In one of those cool things that happen in life, our flights are at the exact same time today, so they are also sitting on an Emirates plane in Dubai, probably also ignoring the safety video, but probably not blogging 🙂 Their flight is at 1005 UAE time and mine is at 1405 Hangzhou time… I get there 5 hours before they do 😀

I brought the scale with me, but I didn’t upload my weight spread sheet to my iPad, so will have no clue until I’m back on Saturday on total weight loss, but will keep up with daily loss.

Well, the plane has just taken off, I think I’m going to eat a couple boiled eggs (airplane food is definitely not Dukan friendly!!) and then take a little nap… Will do more blogging later.

OK… Fast forward… I took a bus from airport that took nearly 2 hours to get to hotel. We’re upgraded to a suite because of my birthday… How cool is that?



The toilet is a Toto and has some pretty interesting buttons that individually clean your bottom and the seat warms up when you open the lid… Very posh!

Then I had to take the subway and train back to the airport to get the girlies. They were very surprised to see me 🙂 Here’s the sign I had…


And the reverse sign…


I love surprising people as evidenced by this blog from 18 months ago: https://flamidwyfe.wordpress.com/2010/05/19/camino-blog-updates/

Taxi back to hotel, then a very late dinner at a street cafe 🙂 Glad to be with friends!


8 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 102 Up, Up & Away… Again!

  1. Oh happy Birthday my dear friend!! Nothing like celebrating with friends.

    Looks like your first gift was the ability to surprise your friends.

    Joy is a wonderful feeling and I hope you have an abundance of it this year.

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