Results ARE typical – Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet – Consolidation Phase – Day 49

Today’s Weight: 148 lbs/67.27 kg
Goal Weight: 155 lbs/70.5 kg
Weight loss Total: Well… the starting weight was 255 lb/115 kg!

This morning, it’s Friday morning here in Hangzhou, China, I woke up to an email from the Dukan Diet web site. They had posted my success story on their web page. I am honored!  Here’s the link Sandi B. Success Story.

I want people to know that with the Dukan Diet RESULTS ARE TYPICAL. They really are. If you follow the principles outlined by Dr. Dukan in his book you WILL lose weight, meet your goals AND keep it off. I bought my book in Abu Dhabi at the urging of my friend Lucy, thank you Lucy! You can buy the book here iTunes or here Amazon. If you are thinking of following the Dukan Diet I strongly recommend that you read the book from cover to cover. I met Dr. Dukan’s True Weight 3 days after he told me I would… In other words, 8 months after putting my data into the Dukan site, I hit my TW 3 days after he said I would. Dr. Dukan knows what he is talking about!

The other thing that made me successful on this diet were following the blogs of Charlotte and Moonday and Mel and many others who share their ups and downs and their over and outs… LOL. There are many, many other blogs that I follow now (which reminds me I need to update that blog roll!). Constance at Becoming She Hulk has also lost more than 100 pounds and is keeping it off… great advise at her blog about Dukan, body building and more. She has been a true inspiration to me!

So go on over and read my success story… I’m so excited about it! I’ll blog later about the meals I’ve been eating in Consolidation and I promise I’ll get back to daily blogging about Dukan and running. I woke up this morning FINALLY feeling non-jet lagged! 🙂

If this is your first visit to my blog… welcome. Take a seat and stay awhile. For those of you that have been on this ride with me for a while… thank you 🙂

And the proof is in the pictures….


With mom in Dubai. Jan 2011

August 2011… 2 weeks before I started Dukan.

August 2011

I think you get the picture!


Hiking in April… almost there!

Teaching Emergency Birth skills class – June 2012

With Bernadette – June 2012

And finally… dinner out with great friends a few weeks ago…

Awesome friends 🙂

RESULTS.ARE.TYPICAL… they really can be!



27 thoughts on “Results ARE typical – Dukan Diet

  1. Congratulations Sandi! You so deserve this spotlight. Thank you for always sharing so much! So glad to know of this accomplishment!

  2. I know it takes a great inner power to affect significant change in one’s self. But I suggest to you the consideration of a further step in your journey. One many of us share. I see your pictures and have read of your progress but lovingly challenge you to look at that, yes, VERY beautiful woman of before and accept her. Not as a ‘before’…as something “I will never be again”..But as someone who was loved, as you are now, and as someone who chose this journey to better health. That I feel is a completer in your journey. MUCH love to you! Beautiful as always friend! XOXOXO

    • Excellent suggestion, Shannon… and I do love her as she was… but I don’t want that outer shell. This has been one helluva journey to better health and I know, without a doubt that the “me” from a year ago would be singing at the top of her voice for the “me” of today 😀
      I love you, my friend xoxoxo

  3. Thanks Sandy– Your hook up to me for whatever drew you to my blog drew me to yours.. My weight loss ‘plan’ was lacking– You inspired, I- I have made it halfway to goal, in what seems forever yet it is not. Things are slowing down, I am batteling myself to stay on this thing, because maybe my exercise is working finally, or the better eating prior, or maybe my metabolism is so shot, even this wont work…. And this new gig baking GF desserts, …. Then today, you give ME this, Thanks. You accomplished a great thing! You took control of your self, it can be done, it did not take a lifetime to get your’s back. I lost 25 (yesterday) 22 (today) in less than 8 weeks. 30 more lb’s and I am there. That is great! You lost over half or yourself in less than a year, that is AMAZING. Thanks for reminding me, it is worth the wait. As your mom said, inspiring.

    • Christy… I hooked up to you because you’re wheat free and I wanted to learn more 🙂 Your blog has given me some great ideas!
      I’m so happy you’re half way there!!! It is so wonderful becoming healthy. I don’t remember ever feeling this good!
      Sending you lots of hugs and good wishes for that last 30 pounds… I KNOW you can do it!!!

  4. Congratulations Sandi! You certainly deserve this recognition!! Your achievement is inspirational and helps me stay true to my goal!
    Best wishes,

  5. Congrats Momma! We are all so proud of you 🙂 BTW, love the dude in the background of that pic with you and your friend in the blue shirt. Haha.

  6. Congrats on getting on the dukan website! wohoo! whoever cut and paste your pics didnt do the best job tho (unless that was you oops sorry!!) lol

  7. Sandi YOU ROCK!!! I love that you got on the success stories (the after pic was kinda cut funny tho). xoxox What a grand inspiration you have been to me and SO many others. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Anna! They asked me to send a bunch of pics and those are the ones they chose 🙂 I’m just happy that more people will see that this diet works, lol… Although they could use some help with photoshop! 😀

  8. Hi Sandi! congratulations on getting featured on the Dukan website!!! So inspirational! I read it often and love to see success stories! Your blog is fab and has kept me going, well done you! X 🙂

  9. Sandi this is outstanding! I “met” you part way through your journey and you ROCKED me with your dedication, willingness to share and positive attitude :). You will only inspire others via the Dukan site; they know what we’ve known for a while now – you’re the real deal!

    Great job 🙂


    • Aww, thanks, MJ 🙂 It is the amazing support from my family, friends and fellow bloggers that helped me get to this point and it will be that ongoing support that keeps me here 🙂
      How’s things around your house full of grown ups? Are you having a busy summer?

  10. I don’t know why I am not being notified of your posts either, I would have loved to see this one as soon as you posted it!

    I have been waiting since February for them to post my success story, when did you send your testimonial to them? That’s hilarious.

    Ahhhh well, I love the job they did photoshopping those pics! :S :0 Of course I am kidding, I can’t believe they couldn’t hire someone to do a better job. L.O.L.

    You deserve the recognition my dear, congratulations. Simply amazing experience on Dukan, you rocked it.

  11. Hello…..I just wanted to say that your story has become an inspiration for me. And as I was reading your story it put tears in my eyes. I know that I can do the dukan diet. Thanks so much for posting your story!

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