Dukan – Day 160 – Awesome Vacation and I still have a week!

Cleaning up the blog and finding posts that never posted…. This one from January 2012. Update this afternoon, I promise 🙂

Friday was a PV day 🙂

Daily weight loss: 1.3 lb/0.6 kg
Total weight loss: Will update when back in China on MY scale and with my progress sheet.

So to update everyone from the past week…
The walk that I went on was at Devil’s Millhopper sinkhole in Gainesville. I went with my friend Mary and it was great! It is 220 stairs down to the bottom. So we walked to the bottom and then back again and hiked the rim twice. Nice morning for walking. Then off for lunch in Ocala with an old friend. Then out to Bronson to say Happy Birthday to my niece Tasha and meet her 3 year old, Abigail. Too stinkin’ cute! Then back to cook dinner for my mom.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and a slice of turkey
Lunch: 6 oz sirloin and asparagus
Dinner: Turkey sausage with onions
Snack: FF yogurt with Splenda and flax seed meal

An early morning start at 555 am back to south Florida for a dental cleaning appt at 10. Got there with 5 minutes to share 🙂 A nice visit with my daughter, Jenni at Panero’s, then a long 2.5 hour hike with my friend Jamie in Johnathan Dickenson State Park. Saw an alligator, literally 2 feet away, in a retention pond very cool, but scary 😀 then met the crazy friends at Kona’s for Jammin’ Jensen.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs
Lunch: Turkey slices and 2 small pieces of nearly fat free (1.5g) of sharp cheddar.
Dinner: Seared tuna on a stick and grilled pompano with mixed steamed veggies.
Snack: FF Greek yogurt with Splenda and flax seed meal

Friday: up early, long walk through Stuart, across the bridges, down by the river walk, all before the sun comes up! Then I drove up to Melborne to visit my son. An evening visit with my friend, Tammy then to bed early.

Breakfast: 2 hard fried eggs and bacon
Lunch: turkey slices and a couple of small pieces of nearly fat free cheese
Dinner: chicken sausage (spicy and not, out of the cases), stir fried in a small amount of olive oil, with cumin, cinnamon, mushrooms, diced tomatoes and chilis. Then had 4 bites of bacon wrapped cobia nuggets at Tammy’s… Could not resist!
Snack: FF Greek yogurt with Splenda and flax seed meal.

So, I’m apparently eating fine, since I’m losing. Still holding off on a total weight loss until I get home to my scale and progress sheet. I’m having a great vacation and nothing can beat that!


Quote of day: If you do not tell the truth about yourself
you cannot tell it about other people.

~ Virginia Woolf ~

Devil’s Millhopper



Me and Tasha




Dukan – My Last Walk to Work

Today marks the end of my contract here in Hangzhou, China AND my last day of work. I fly home to the U.S. tomorrow and I am more than ready and SO excited!

I took the east sidewalk today… I would say that 80% of the time I take the west side. It depends a lot on the traffic lights 🙂 The darker tile is the Blind Person walkway, it is on every sidewalk in China that I’ve walked on. And the lane next to the sidewalk is the bicycle, e-bike, scooter lane. They have their own lane separated from the car traffic.

Last year I walked on my first day of work. I was a month into the Dukan Diet and I weighed 236 lbs/107.5 kgs. I was walking every day in Abu Dhabi for the prescribed 30 minutes. On that walk to work which is 1.5 kms/0.92 miles I decided that I was going to walk to and from work EVERY SINGLE DAY for the whole year of my contract. AND DAMMIT… I DID! I walked every single day to work for 12 months. My estimate (taking into consideration vacations and trips to work in other cities, where I also walked to work) is that here in Hangzhou I walked to work approximately 200 times. That’s 200 miles! Woot!

I have to admit that there were days that I was SO tempted to hail a cab or take the bus (it’s a .35 km walk to the bus stop, then it’s just one bus stop up)… there were 7 weeks in February and March where EVERY SINGLE DAY it was 41F and raining and it sucked… but I walked, because you set goals and you reach them and you feel like I do right this minute! 😀

I also walked home 90% of those days. The only days I didn’t was days that I was going into the city for groceries or dinner and caught a cab or bus. So my best guess is that I probably walked to and from work about 380+ miles over the course of this past year.

Did you get in your 30 minutes of movement today???


Recipe – Low Carb – Veggies Steamed in Coconut Milk

So the other night when I made the Coconut Flaxseed Bread that I posted about, I had this half a can of coconut milk left over and had no idea what to do with it… then it hit me… why don’t I pour it in the veggies that are steaming… Mmmm Mmmm Good!

steamed vegetables, coconut milk, vegetables steamed in coconut milk

Thai inspired steamed veggies!

Total time: 20-25 minutes
Serves: 6

1 head of broccoli
4 medium carrots
A big handful of asparagus
1/2 c water
1 c coconut milk

Cut veggies into bite size pieces.
Put carrots into pan and pour water over them.
Simmer on med-low for 10-15 minutes (until they are just becoming tender)
**Add a little more of water, if needed
Add the rest of the veggies to the pan and pour the coconut milk on top.
Stir well.
Steam for 5-7 minutes.

Per serving: 74 Calories, 5 g protein, 2 g fat, 13 g carb

Recipe – Paleo – Coconut Flaxseed Bread Tweaked

So I tweaked this recipe to make it even better. Well, actually, at first because I didn’t have enough of the original ingredients AND I had coconut milk that I wanted to use this week, since I’m moving back to the States on Thursday (WOO HOO!!!). Tatiana came to dinner and had the first batch and said this was, “MUCH BETTER!”… Sweeter and moister. So here goes:


Serves: 8
1 serving = 1 slice

3 Tbs coconut creme powder or coconut flour
12 Tbs flaxseed, ground
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
6 pkts of Splenda (or 6 tsp of your favorite sweetner)
5 eggs
1/4 c coconut oil
1/8 c coconut milk
1 tsp apple cider vinegar (not quite sure that’s what I used, lol… this is China, had to guess at it in the little store)

Preheat the oven (in my case the toaster oven) to 350 F.
Grease up a loaf pan with coconut oil.
Mix the dry stuff together, Mix the wet stuff together, Mix the dry and wet together 🙂
Pour into the pan.
Bake for 40 minutes.
Loaf is done when you stick in a chop stick (hey! I live in China!) comes out clean!

This loaf came out browner, sweeter and moister than the last loaf.

dukan bread, paleo bread, low carb bread, atkins bread

Coconut Flaxseed Bread

Nutrition info per serving: Calories 150, Protein 5.5g, Fat 13.8g,
Total Carb 2.8g, Net Carb 0.4g

Dukan – Sunday Celebration and weekly wrap-up!

Consolidation Phase Day 128 of 500!
Weekly Weight: 146-149
Goal Weight: 155
So Consolidation DOES work 🙂 I can’t believe it’s been 128 days since I met my goal weight! This summer has flown by! I am very consistent with my weight, still weighing every morning and still VERY happy with the results!

This past week has been busy! I am moving back to the States on Thursday after living abroad for 4 years. I have been packed for over a month 🙂 I know, a bit OCD, but what to say. I’ve got 2 large suitcases and a large box as checked luggage (things I didn’t want to risk never seeing again if my shipped boxes disappear into the stratosphere or something.) It’ll be worth paying extra for the peace of mind.

Exercise this past week included running 4-5K 3 times. Walking 4-5K the other 4 nights. I also did 30-45 minutes of yoga 4 times the past week. I hiked the mountain 1 time this past week and hope to do it Tuesday morning as one last hurrah 🙂

I met Hanna and Diana and Jacob (next photo) on the street a couple of weeks ago. They are from Sweden and here to attend the University just down the block from my flat. Jacob had on a Miami Dolphins hat, so of course I stopped them 🙂 They’ve been to dinner a few times and I wish I had met them sooner!



The weather in Hangzhou has been PERFECT this past 4 days. Sunny and a cool breeze. I’ve had the flat windows opened and the whole place is fresh. The summer heat was oppressive! So it’s a nice break.

Let’s see… what did I eat this week. Lots of tea eggs, as per usual. Lunches consisted of leftover roasts (both pork and beef), salad, cheddar cheese and almonds. Dinners were steak stir fry, pork roast, beef roast, shrimp stir fry and my new favorite way to cook veggies; veggies (broccoli, asparagus, carrots and garlic stems) steamed in coconut milk… OH MY you have no idea how good THAT is… a must try! I also had a dinner out with friends at a local sushi restaurant and a hot pot dinner… guests for dinner almost nightly, trying to cook up all the food in the freezer AND say good bye to friends, new and not so new.

Pork roast… Mmm!

Out for sushi with Baby Milva!

hot pot, hangzhou

Out for dinner with Joe, Chiara and baby Nunu!

You throw in the meat and veggies and it cooks in the hot pot… the liquid on the left is spicy, spicy!!! Mmmmmm!




And I did my last water birth lecture in front of a hundred people or so in a nearby town. I hope my message got across to some folks and they have gentler births!

midwife, china water birth

Me and Liang… on our way to my last water birth lecture. She’s the lead midwife supporting water birth at Hangzhou AIMA.

So, that’s my wrap up! How did your week go? Is it cooling down where you live?


Creating a Powerful & Inspiring Vision for your Life – Step 3

And now Step 3 from the powerful ideas of The Wellness Warrior

Sit down and meditate on your vision. Call it in.

What does this mean? Sounds real “froo froo” as I like to call it. But, from a positive point of view this is an excellent way to envision what it is that you want to inspire and create.

I dedicate time to do this 5 days a week. I actually have it in my iPhone calendar to ensure that I am reminded to do it. This is time that I sit quietly, with no distractions like TV, podcasts, Facebook, etc and simply think deeply about what my vision is. Nearby is my trusty Blue Sparkly Notebook, ready and waiting to take down ideas. If it’s in the evening, I light a few candles, close the curtains in the room I’m in and make sure I have a nice cup of tea (Earl Grey is my preference!) sitting next to me. Also, for some reason I like to sit on my yoga mat while I’m meditating/thinking about my vision.

By taking this time, creating this space and meditating on what I want, things are coming to fruition in regard to my health and fitness business. I can truly see them taking shape and I can see myself hitting the ground running once I arrive home next week.

It is sometimes difficult to just take the time to sit and think. Or sit and meditate. Or sit and envision what it is that YOU want for your life. However, the rewards for that 5 minutes of time, even if only once or twice a week are astounding!

Do you give yourself quiet time every once in a while to just sit and ponder your vision in life?


Positive Affirmation: I am attracting EVERYTHING I desire!

Creating a Powerful & Inspiring Vision for your Life – Step 2

I came across this blog while clicking through links on a different blog The Wellness Warrior. Her post about the 3 Steps To Creating a Powerful and Inspiring Vision has me filling out pages and pages in my journal! So here goes Step 2 of that process. Perhaps it will inspire you to create a vision!

Step 2 – Write it out.

To give you an idea of how I am working this, in regard to volunteering in Sierre-Leone to lower maternal mortality this is what I’ve written in my journal:

What is your vision of what you want?

I would like to do a 3-5 year program in Sierra-Leone that focuses on reducing maternal mortality. It would include educating the maternity care providers, the community about the importance of prenatal care AND bring in the necessary tools needed to enable the maternity care providers to care for women in the region.

What would that look like? 

A small room set up in local hospitals with educational dolls and books and videos. Clinics in out-lying areas that have the necessary tools for delivery if not able to get to a hospital. The staff would be trained to deal with life threatening issues like post-partum hemorrhage and would have the adequate medication and emergency life skills to fix the problem.

If you were living your dream life what would you be doing?

I would be organizing the program from the States, from writing for grants, holding fundraisers and training volunteers. Then I would take my band of volunteers to Sierra-Leone and begin the long process of making a difference.

What would be happening? Write it down. 

Benefactors with BIG hearts would contribute the money needed to buy supplies (both education and medical) and to fund the project. They would commit to this being a long-term project. Once the implementation of training began, hundreds of healthcare workers and parents to be would sign up for the classes.

What are the characteristics of your dream job, your dream man, your dream body?

LOL… I could write a book on the 3 of THOSE choices! But I’ll stick with the first one.
1. Successful reduction of maternal mortality resulting in…
2. Successful reduction of infant mortality
3. Immense satisfaction in seeing the community empower themselves with knowledge

What would it feel like when you had this? Write it down. 


What would an ideal day in your dream life look like? What time would you get up, what would you eat, what type of work would you do, where would you be, who would you be with, what would you be wearing? Write it down.

Up at the crack of dawn… some yoga and meditation to get the day started. Review of what training would be done that day, what clinic or hospital duties that day, review or audit of success or failures. I would eat lots of meat and veggies. I would be in or around the Capital Freetown. I would be with local healthcare practitioners, volunteers from the program (I’d love to have a nice mix of med students, midwifery students, nursing students, anthropology students and people that had graduated from those types of programs or ANYONE who enthusiastically embraced the philosophy of reducing maternal mortality in this region). I’d be wearing whatever I was comfortable in, of course respecting the culture of the people I am around.

So, what say you? That is A LOT to think about! If you were living your dream life what would YOU be doing?


This is a powerful slide show: http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1993805,00.html

Sad, yet real truth about maternal mortality 😦