Recipe – Paleo – Coconut Muffins

I made these with the kids of the family I’m visiting in Australia. They are a large family so we made 6 times this batch for a total of 36 muffins! I’m eating a warm muffin now, as I write this post… Mmmm!

Makes 6 muffins

3 Eggs
2 TBS butter (melted) **learned a neat trick from the kids today… Put your butter in a bowl, then place it in a bowl of hot water and let it melt… Prevents browning!!)
1/3 c sugar (I used organic rapadura)
1/4 tsp salt (I used organic sea salt)
1/4 c coconut flour (not meal! Must be flour)
1/4 tsp baking powder
3 TBS grated coconut

Blend together eggs, butter, sugar and salt.
Combine the coconut flour and baking powder and then whisk into wet ingredients, ensuring no lumps.
Fill muffin tins halfway with the batter.
Sprinkle the grated coconut on top.
Bake at 400F for 15 minutes.








Recipe – Dukan & Paleo – There’s A Kangaroo in my Crockpot!

I’m in the land of the Aussies and when in Oz…

I traveled here last Friday and what is wonderful about flying west is that you don’t have such bad jet lag. It’s the flying back east that does you in! It is summer here in Adelaide and the weather is glorious! I’ll do a post on the hikes I’ve been doing tomorrow, but today’s special is Roo!

We purchased the kangaroo in the market and to me it looks like beef…


I made a spice rub with chili, garum masala and cumin and rubbed it in all the crevices…


I then seared the Roo on both sides in 2 Tbs of coconut oil…


I chopped 2 onions and a nice piece of ginger and tossed into the crockpot, put in just enough water to cover the bottom, placed the Roo on top of that and poured the drippings from the pan on top of all of it…


Cooked on high 3.5 hours and bam…


Tender, falling apart meat! The onions cooked down nicely and the gravy was yummy!


Plated with an organic salad and this was a perfect meal 🙂 I also enjoyed a 1/2 cup of rice and those purple things are carrots!


I liked the meat. It wasn’t gamey at all. Reminded me of buffalo meat, but tastier and more tender. I would definitely try this again!

Have you tried something different? How did you like it?

Recipe – Dukan – Momma Sandi’s Amazing Crockpot Ribs

Mmmmm! These were GOOD! And easy!

I tore the plastic wrap off and sprinkled generously: sea salt, cumin, chili powder, cayenne and paprika.


I heated up 2 Tbs coconut oil in the pan and put the ribs, seasoned side down, to brown. I then generously sprinkled the exposed side to the same spices. Browned all 4 sides and put in the crockpot with the juices from the pan. I did this 4 times, as we had a big family lunch planned for after church yesterday.




I threw in 1 cup of my homemade veggie stock (any gluten free stock will do) and cooked on high for 4 hours… It fell off the bone and was DELICIOUS!

Enjoy 🙂

Recipe – Dukan – Pulled Chicken

I’ve been trying out some recipes with the staff here at the birth house and yesterday’s lunch was a keeper!



2 Large chicken breast
2 Tbs coconut oil
5 yellow squash chopped
1 big red onion chopped
1 small bag of baby carrots (3 chopped lg carrots)
3 packets of Sazón seasoning
A wee bit of sea salt

In a fry pan melt 2 Tbs of coconut oil on med/high heat. When hot add the chicken breasts and cover with lid for 3 minutes. Turn and cover for 3 more minutes and place in crockpot, keeping the oil in the pan.
Toss the onions in the pan and give a stir for 2 minutes or so, add to crockpot, go on, pour that coconut oil in there, Mmmmm!
Place the squash and carrots in.
Add the 3 packets of Sazón, a dash of sea salt and add hot water just to where it is barely covering.
Put the crockpot on high for 2 hours. Stirring occasionally. At the two hour mark take two forks and pull the chicken apart as much as possible. Continue cooking another hour and pull the chicken apart some more, stir well. At the 3 1/2 hour mark, it’s done…. ENJOY!

**You can slow cook this while at work. Put crockpot on low. When you get home your house will smell AMAZING! Pull the chicken apart with 2 forks and cook an additional half hour, then serve.


Simple, easy and yummy!


Recipe – Low Carb – Veggies Steamed in Coconut Milk

So the other night when I made the Coconut Flaxseed Bread that I posted about, I had this half a can of coconut milk left over and had no idea what to do with it… then it hit me… why don’t I pour it in the veggies that are steaming… Mmmm Mmmm Good!

steamed vegetables, coconut milk, vegetables steamed in coconut milk

Thai inspired steamed veggies!

Total time: 20-25 minutes
Serves: 6

1 head of broccoli
4 medium carrots
A big handful of asparagus
1/2 c water
1 c coconut milk

Cut veggies into bite size pieces.
Put carrots into pan and pour water over them.
Simmer on med-low for 10-15 minutes (until they are just becoming tender)
**Add a little more of water, if needed
Add the rest of the veggies to the pan and pour the coconut milk on top.
Stir well.
Steam for 5-7 minutes.

Per serving: 74 Calories, 5 g protein, 2 g fat, 13 g carb

Recipe – Paleo – Coconut Flaxseed Bread Tweaked

So I tweaked this recipe to make it even better. Well, actually, at first because I didn’t have enough of the original ingredients AND I had coconut milk that I wanted to use this week, since I’m moving back to the States on Thursday (WOO HOO!!!). Tatiana came to dinner and had the first batch and said this was, “MUCH BETTER!”… Sweeter and moister. So here goes:


Serves: 8
1 serving = 1 slice

3 Tbs coconut creme powder or coconut flour
12 Tbs flaxseed, ground
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
6 pkts of Splenda (or 6 tsp of your favorite sweetner)
5 eggs
1/4 c coconut oil
1/8 c coconut milk
1 tsp apple cider vinegar (not quite sure that’s what I used, lol… this is China, had to guess at it in the little store)

Preheat the oven (in my case the toaster oven) to 350 F.
Grease up a loaf pan with coconut oil.
Mix the dry stuff together, Mix the wet stuff together, Mix the dry and wet together 🙂
Pour into the pan.
Bake for 40 minutes.
Loaf is done when you stick in a chop stick (hey! I live in China!) comes out clean!

This loaf came out browner, sweeter and moister than the last loaf.

dukan bread, paleo bread, low carb bread, atkins bread

Coconut Flaxseed Bread

Nutrition info per serving: Calories 150, Protein 5.5g, Fat 13.8g,
Total Carb 2.8g, Net Carb 0.4g

Recipe – Low Carb – Yummy Lunch

Quick and easy and nutritious! It’s what’s for lunch!

Serves 1
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 4 minutes

3 eggs
1 tsp chili paste
Couple shakes hot sauce
2 tsp Coconut oil
5 stalks asparagus
2 Tbs shaved Parmesan
* Omit the hot stuff if you want, but boy does it amp it up a bit! 🙂
**Dukaners add oat bran or flaxseed meal to egg mixture to get your fiber in.

Salami – read the label!!

Heat oil in pan on medium. Toss asparagus in. Stir. Cook 2 minutes. While asparagus cooking whip eggs in bowl. Stir chili paste into eggs, whip well add to asparagus. Covering the bottom of the pan. Put the lid on for 90 seconds.
Take lid off, shake some hot sauce on and add Parmesan on top. Cook another 30-60 seconds.
Plate the salami the the omelet & Enjoy!


Recipe – Dukan – Turkey Dinner

So last Saturday I made a turkey dinner. I love cooking turkeys many times a year. It can be challenging, especially when living overseas. This time there was only one turkey to be found in all of Hangzhou! But we got him 🙂 He was a turkey grown locally, so very lean. Also, I don’t have an oven. I have something akin to a toaster oven. But Everyone knows I love a challenge!

Large pear – chopped in large pieces
Large green apple – chopped in large pieces
Large red onion – chopped in large pieces
6 garlic cloves – chopped in large pieces
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper

First remove the innards stuck in the rear. Here in China, that includes the head! I couldn’t touch it, blech!! So I used wooden spoons and did a forcep delivery.


Then give your turkey a good bath… Inside and out. Place in pan you are going to use.
Stuff the turkey with the pear, apple, onion and garlic. The moistness and tenderness from simply using these 4 ingredients is amazing!

Generously rub olive oil all over your turkey, don’t forget between his legs and under his wings.
Generously douse with salt & pepper.
Put him breast up and in the oven.

Cook 15 minutes for every pound at 350 degrees F.

That’s IT!! Don’t put aluminum foil on his bits, leave him alone! He’ll be perfect!






Enjoy! Ciao!

Recipe – Dukan & Paleo – Coconut Flaxseed Bread

I tried to find a recipe with the ingredients that I had on hand, but couldn’t. So I took a bit from a few of them and tried this out. It turned out pretty well. It’s very moist. I think the next time I might add a couple of packets of Splenda to it. This is my very first piece of bread in over a year!!!

Serves: 8
1 serving = 1 slice

1/2 c coconut creme powder
1/2 c flaxseed, ground
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
5 eggs
1/4 c coconut oil
1/8 c water
1 tsp apple cider vinegar (not quite sure that’s what I used, lol… this is China, had to guess at it in the little store)

Preheat oven to 325 F. Grease a loaf pan with coconut oil.
Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.
Mix all the wet ingredients together in a bowl.
Mix the dry and wet ingredients together, mixing well.
Pour into loaf pan and bake for 40 minutes.


Cool completely before slicing into 8 pieces.




Nutrition info per serving: Calories 150, Protein 5.5g, Fat 13.8g,
Total Carb 2.8g, Net Carb 0.4g


Recipe – Dukan – Chicken Sausage Stir Fry

Imagine for one moment the sheer joy of finding these…


In a grocery store in Hong Kong. Transporting by (much delayed) train to Guangzhou for an overnight and then by plane (which pushed back at EXACTLY the scheduled time) to Hangzhou. I know, they’re available in most grocery stores, but not here.

I fell in love with these gluten-free, low carb, absolutely delicious sausage in January, while home on holiday. Tonight I had them for dinner.

Serves 1

1 Tbs coconut oil
1 medium carrot, quartered then cut in chunks
1/2 large onion (I prefer red ones) chopped
2 scallions chopped
4 big mushrooms chopped
2 al fresco Chicken Sausage, quartered and cut into bite-sized pieces
1 Tbs Italian herbs
Salt and pepper to taste

Prep ingredients.
Heat pan on medium, melt coconut oil.
Add carrots and sautée with lid on for 2-3 minutes.
Add Italian herbs.
Add onion and scallion, stir frequently. Cook for 2 minutes.
Add Sausage, cook for 2 minutes with lid on. Reduce heat to medium-low.
Add mushrooms, give it a stir and put lid on for another 2 minutes.