5 Ways To Rephrase Your Food Choices

This is an article emailed to me this morning that I wanted to pass along. The advise for staying on track with your weight loss or maintenance is invaluable!

The advise comes from the Paleo Diet Lifestyle folks… There was no link for an online article included, but I’ve linked their wonderful web site. The cool thing about Paleo is that it is Dukan friendly 🙂

5 Ways to Rephrase Your Food Choices

Psychological tips to help you stay on track.

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of the pastry case, asking ourselves, “do I really want this cream-filled handmade donut I’ve been craving for a week and can’t stop having incredibly vivid dreams about?”

Yes. Yes, you do. But you also know you shouldn’t actually eat it. This sets you up for a head-on struggle of desire vs. willpower – never a good position to be in, since willpower isn’t nearly as strong as most of us like to think.

Instead of heading down this road, avoid the conflict by rephrasing your question. Instead of asking “do I want this?” (desire vs. willpower), ask yourself…

Do I want a stomachache? (or whatever the consequences of eating the food will be). Put the negative consequences in the foreground. Don’t ask “is this worth a stomachache?” – make it even more clear-cut than that. “Do I want a stomachache?” No. OK then. Fork down; walk away.

Do I want to break my streak? Chains and patterns are a powerful motivational tool. Just the thought of breaking a however-many day streak of healthy eating can be enough to deter you from even the most tempting junk food. Keep a visual reminder handy of how many days you have under your belt, and challenge yourself not to break it.

Would I like a non-food treat? Sometimes, you just need some pleasure in your day. It’s not about the food; it’s about the emotional gratification of doing something nice for yourself. What about a new magazine, a bottle of nail polish, an interesting box of tea, or a CD? A fun novel, a mug, or a desk toy? Distract yourself by thinking about something else you want, and then go get it; that way, your desire and your willpower are both working in the same direction, away from the junk food.

How do I feel right now, and why? Are you lonely? Tired? Frustrated? Afraid? All of these emotions are unpleasant to feel; sometimes, we crave junk food as a distraction. Give yourself 10 minutes in a place away from food to write about the feeling, or just sit there and allow yourself to feel it. What can you do to address the real problem? This can be uncomfortable, but you cannot fix the real problem by trying to ignore it.

Will this food help me reach my ________ goals? (fill in the blank with “athletic performance,” “weight loss,” or whatever your goals are). The psychological power of goals is hard to overstate. Don’t ask yourself what you want in the moment; ask yourself what you want for your whole life, and how you can get there.

Asking questions like these is just one tool in your arsenal for defeating junk food cravings. For even more tips and tricks, check out the full article on surviving a rough spot: what to do when the going gets tough, and why.

Creating a Powerful & Inspiring Vision for your Life – Step 1

I’ve been doing a lot of blog reading these past few weeks and listening to a lot of podcasts. I am researching ways to better my life and have a positive impact on starting my new business when I get home in EIGHT DAYS!!! I know, I’m not excited about moving home AT ALL! 😀

I came across this blog while clicking through links on a different blog The Wellness Warrior. Her post about the 3 Steps To Creating a Powerful and Inspiring Vision has me filling out pages and pages in my journal! So here goes Step 1 of that process. Perhaps it will inspire you to create a vision!

The first question is why is it so important to have a vision? Well I am a firm believer in what you put out into the world happens. Kind of a “if you build it, they will come” kind of thinking. BTW, I love that movie! When you envision something as happening, it often will. I often go to sleep thinking about what I’d like to see in the future and then dream about it. I am able to manipulate my dreams (not sure how that works, but it works for me) and come out with multiple endings to my visions. I have been creating intentional dreams the past couple months of how I’d like to see my business work out and often wake up and write ideas down in the Blue Sparkly Notebook. Otherwise, they are lost forever, or at least until it springs back up in my mind and I’d rather not miss the opportunity. Not to get too far off track, but I am also able to wake up, write things down, go to the bathroom and lay back down and resume my dreams… When my mom would come to wake me for school when I was a little girl, I used to tell her to give me 5 more minutes so I could finish my dream, and I would!

So, Step 1 is: Get clear on what you want. I used a simple formula that my friend John posted on his Facebook wall a couple months back… I’ve been using this nearly daily while writing out my plans:

This is a very simple formula, but it laid the foundation for me to start thinking about where I wanted to go with my plans AND my life.

After you’ve answered those questions, you dig deeper…
If I was not afraid, what would I do?
If I had all the money I needed, what would I do?
If I knew I would be loved and supported unconditionally, what would I do?

I’ve taken these questions to heart and written them out in my journal… each one has a WHOLE page dedicated to the answers. I also have 2 subcategories for the answers:
Here’s a couple notes I’ve made next to these:
#1: Jump feet first into the black water called “a new business and career” and not have any qualms about it (WORK)
#2: Go to Sierre-Leone and devote 3-5 years to lowering the maternal mortality rate (LIFE & WORK… or is that LifeWork?)
#3: Dance barefoot and naked in the rain (LIFE)

And then you dig even deeper…
1. Why do I want what I want?
2. What do I think this will give me?
3. What qualities do I want to experience on a daily basis?
4. How do I want to feel?

These have been more difficult for me to write out… as you must be very open to ideas you may find absolutely impossible… and I’m a concrete thinker! You also have to think from a “self” point of view, instead of thinking about how you will be helping others, you have to think about what it is YOU want to get out of it.

In answer to #1 I’ve written that I want to focus on health & fitness because I feel amazing and want to share that amazing feeling with others. I have also written that I want to find a sustainable career that will help others while helping me continue on my plan for eventual retirement.

So I’ve given you a lot to think about with this exercise 🙂

If you had an unlimited resource of money, what would you do?