Dukan – My Last Walk to Work

Today marks the end of my contract here in Hangzhou, China AND my last day of work. I fly home to the U.S. tomorrow and I am more than ready and SO excited!

I took the east sidewalk today… I would say that 80% of the time I take the west side. It depends a lot on the traffic lights 🙂 The darker tile is the Blind Person walkway, it is on every sidewalk in China that I’ve walked on. And the lane next to the sidewalk is the bicycle, e-bike, scooter lane. They have their own lane separated from the car traffic.

Last year I walked on my first day of work. I was a month into the Dukan Diet and I weighed 236 lbs/107.5 kgs. I was walking every day in Abu Dhabi for the prescribed 30 minutes. On that walk to work which is 1.5 kms/0.92 miles I decided that I was going to walk to and from work EVERY SINGLE DAY for the whole year of my contract. AND DAMMIT… I DID! I walked every single day to work for 12 months. My estimate (taking into consideration vacations and trips to work in other cities, where I also walked to work) is that here in Hangzhou I walked to work approximately 200 times. That’s 200 miles! Woot!

I have to admit that there were days that I was SO tempted to hail a cab or take the bus (it’s a .35 km walk to the bus stop, then it’s just one bus stop up)… there were 7 weeks in February and March where EVERY SINGLE DAY it was 41F and raining and it sucked… but I walked, because you set goals and you reach them and you feel like I do right this minute! 😀

I also walked home 90% of those days. The only days I didn’t was days that I was going into the city for groceries or dinner and caught a cab or bus. So my best guess is that I probably walked to and from work about 380+ miles over the course of this past year.

Did you get in your 30 minutes of movement today???


31 thoughts on “Dukan – My Last Walk to Work

  1. I did!! 🙂 45 min. of Pilates and 3.5 on the bike. Tough getting there but great once there. No where near what you’ve accomplished but day at a time…lol I am SO proud of you!! You have accomplished so much and are the best of inspirations. I can’t wait to see you next weekend and break “steak” with you…ha!! Safe journey!! xoxoxo

  2. I so SO proud of you and I hope that you have a safe flight home. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures back in the states ….. you just might experience culture shock. By the way, I found out the hard way that there’s a 10 kg weight limit on carry-ons w/ China Eastern. What are you flying?

    • I’m flying American and my carry on is 6kg 🙂 I have to pay over weight fee on two of my 3 checked bags, so I stuffed them to the max 🙂
      Looking forward to being on home soil 🙂

  3. How exciting it’s your last day and sad too! Good luck and safe travels home x well done on the exercise front, yes I have got my 30 minutes walking in! 🙂 Xxx

  4. I’m so proud of you for sticking to you goal. But I’m even more proud of you for being a stand-up employee and sticking it out until September. I know we both had many a “Get me the hell out of here!” moments in China. Good job Mama!

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