Running, blog stats and random stuff

I’ve had a pretty exciting week from a personal perspective. I set two personal records running in the past 3 days. The first was my fastest run at 8:26 avg. min/km or 13:34 avg. min/mile. This is a full 1 minute per mile LESS than before I had my surgery in May! The second was that I ran more miles in July than any previous month! Below is my RunKeeper stats…

The brick color is walking, the green is running and the purple is hiking.

I’ve either walked, ran or hiked 544 kilometers since March. That’s 338 miles 🙂 Woot!

Another awesome thing that happened this week is that at some point I reached 50,000 hits on my blog! And I’ve logged nearly 3500 comments! It makes me so happy that so many people have stopped by. I started regularly writing this blog in August to share my journey with family and friends and it has become so much more and that makes my heart swell with happiness!

And that leads to the awesomest things that have happened this week. Actually it happened today… 4 people that I personally know, all of us on 4 different continents, contacted me today (yesterday for some of you) to tell me they are starting the Dukan because they want to be healthier and they’ve seen my success. All 4 have read my blog and I only knew that one of them was. I wish all 4 of you luck!!! I know you will succeed because I know all of you put your mind to something and accomplish it! 4 amazing women… starting on this journey… Good luck and remember that I’m here if you need anything!

I’ll finish by saying that August brings in the last month of summer. It also signals that I have 51 days left in China. I can’t believe I’ve been here nearly a year already! I get one more trip to Guangzhou where I get to hang with my Int’l crew down there, Rose, Jenny, Liza and Dianna. And get to mentor a friend from the Middle East, Aisha! And then back to Hangzhou to finish out my contract… I’m going to miss my ViviMokaLaka so much! She’s the one that brought me here in the first place. I’m going to try to take as many photos as possible in the next 7 weeks.

But I miss home and my kids and my grandkids and my mom and my family and my friends and the beautiful sunrise over the Roosevelt Bridge first thing in the morning. And there’s no place like home. I’ve had a fun 4 years living abroad 🙂 But on to new projects and fixing up my AirStream!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


Dukan – Day 259

Thursday was a PV day 🙂

Daily weight loss: 0.2 lb/0.1 kg
Total weight loss: 92 lb/41.81 kgs

Slow and steady wins the race. Worked today. Very disappointed that the Director of Nursing cancelled our international Midwives Day events for tomorrow. I am sad for my Chinese colleagues who were very excited to be educating the public about midwives. Sigh. Part of my shit week I’m having. I had also been offered a job in Europe and the offer was rescinded. I am super disappointed about this, and not sure exactly what happened 😦 So a really shit week!

Onwards and upwards. I will start traveling a lot for the corporation this month. I travel to Wenzhou (WZ) to do teaching next week and my surgery. I then have a few days rest and I travel to Guangzhou (GZ) for 2 weeks of education (staff and community) then back to Hangzhou (HZ) for a few days, back to GZ for 3 days then home for a two week holiday and my first 5K… So excited to see everyone!

Here’s my run from last night. I think I’m doing okay… I have nothing to compare it with 🙂

So that’s the update. Now off to bed I go!



Dukan – Day 258

Wednesday was a PV day 🙂

Daily Weight Loss: 0 – stay the same day
Total Weight Loss: 91.8 lbs/41.71 kgs

I’m going to keep this short… my momma always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”… LOL

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: 1 tin of tuna and 1 tea egg
Dinner: Shrimp with mushrooms and garlic stems with cumin and curry powder
Snack: pot of FF yogurt with bran and Splenda

1 mile walk to work
1.5 mile walk from 35mm coffee house to home
3.66 mile/5.97 km run in the evening…

May 2nd run… B210K Week 1 Day 2

And as easy as that, my blog is done for the day. Here’s hoping the week ends on a high note!



Dukan – Day 253

Friday was a PP day 🙂

Daily weight gain: 0.7 lb/0.30 kg
Total weight loss: 90.0 lb/40.91 kg
Current weight: 165 lb/75 kg

Friday was suppose to be my day off, but marketing asked if I could do a class in a village outside of Hangzhou, so I agreed and got picked up at 730 a.m. Turned out to have 90 pregnant women there to hear my class on water birth!

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: 2 slices ham and a baby bell cheddar (2 oz, low fat)
Dinner: 3 skinny pork chops with sautéed chunks of onion
Snack: pot of fat free yogurt with bran and Splenda

I also gave baby Lyla her first bath and massage and played the stick your tongue out game with her… She did 🙂


Her dad took a couple other cool pics, as well…



I walked the 1 mile home from work and cooked a yummy dinner. About an hour later I tied up my running shoes and headed out the door for a run. I started the Bridge to 10K program. The first 10 minutes I tried to talk myself out of it, LOL… But the other me kicked negative Nellie to the curb and kept going! Here’s the results of the run…


Yeah, I rocked it 😀

Came home, showered and went to bed with my iPad to read… Never read the first word! Out like a light, woke up 10 minutes before alarm feeling GREAT!