Great Way To Start the Day!

Check out this post from the The Healthy Home Economist… It’s all about the importance of a good healthy breakfast to start the day and some very interesting stats! I’m all about stats 🙂

This is MY kind of breakfast! This is a Paleo breakfast. To make it Dukan take out the fruit on a PV day.

My breakfast this morning was 2 slices of bacon, 2 tea eggs and a slice of cantelope. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Can you remember?


Travel – On My Way Again

Well, I’m sitting at Denise’s, 24 minutes until Jenni picks me up to go to the airport. I love that one daughter picked me up (Tiffany) and another is taking me back. It has been a LONG 3 weeks and packed to the gills with fun, family, friends and traveling.

My vacation didn’t start or end the way that was planned, but that’s OK. I’m a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl. I’m also intuitive and trust my girlfriends and by doing so you learn a lot about yourself and others.

Jammin’ Jensen 3 Thursdays in a row was the best. I have some AMAZING friends! The trip to my mom’s up in Gainesville and my hike with Mary at Devil’s Millhopper. The park with Sydnie, Shane, Sofia, Jose, Celeste, Lelani, Asa Kai, Lina and Koa… All babies I welcomed into this world, and their mommies was a fun morning and a highlight of my trip. Morning walks alone or with my friend Jamie kept me active. Walking across the many bridges that surround this wonderful place I call home as the sun came up, nearly every morning of my vacation, was magical. The weather had been PERFECT and only today did the storm clouds begin to roll in. I know this is in protest of me leaving 😀

My lunch down in north Miami with the birth workers. Missed several of them, especially Janice. I just don’t seem to get enough time for everyone. Visiting with my niece Charity, who is a midwifery school graduate, following in the footsteps of her Aunt (me) and her great-great grandmother Sofia. She sits her board exams in a week and I ask for prayers and positive energy be sent her way. She’s amazing!

Ping pong with my baby Sadie, her beating me 3 out of 4 games, BBQ at Jenni and Chris’s, 2 visits to Melborne to see my amazing son Nick, backgammon on the beach and the Super Bowl on Sunday (my team won!!!) made for a fantastic vacation.

I’ll miss home and everyone here, but I’ll be back in August… Off I go!


Quote of the day: One should eat to live, not live to eat. ~Cicero, Rhetoricorum LV












Dukan – Day 154 -Slumber Party with my Girlies

Saturday was a PP day.

Daily weight loss: +1.1 lb

Today was a fun day! Slept in to 520 a.m. Woo hoo! Denise and I went to the B & A flea market in Stuart, where I picked up a Life-Purpose-Passion t-shirt from Dave Williams.

Then had a burger at 5 Brothers Burgers with Denise. Then off to the party supply store for slumber party supplies and then up to Tiffany’s house to hang with the GRANDKIDS for a while. We went to a park where the kids ran around and rode their bikes and I got to see my pseudo-daughter, Ashley, and my pseudo-GRANDKIDS, Faelynn and Aireanna.

Then back to Denise’s to cook for the slumber party. I made Pork Lomo for dinner, using the recipe from The Hapa Couple, substituting the beef for pork. YUMMY! I am really enjoying cooking. There was tons of naughty food and I blessedly was able to resist. I even slept with a plate of THIN MINTS next to my head. The other thing I realized is that besides a cup of coffee in the morning, I drank nothing but water all day 🙂

There were 7 of us, and besides our new friend Shannon, we’ve all been friends for more than 35 years… How awesome is that? I started falling asleep at the beginning of The Sound of Music, and of corse got teased about it… Curled up on the couch surrounded by my girlies and slept feeling so happy and loved… I am so blessed to be able to hang with the best girls in the world!

Having a great vacation home!


Quote of the day: Best friends know all about you and love you anyway.