Great Way To Start the Day!

Check out this post from the The Healthy Home Economist… It’s all about the importance of a good healthy breakfast to start the day and some very interesting stats! I’m all about stats 🙂

This is MY kind of breakfast! This is a Paleo breakfast. To make it Dukan take out the fruit on a PV day.

My breakfast this morning was 2 slices of bacon, 2 tea eggs and a slice of cantelope. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Can you remember?


16 thoughts on “Great Way To Start the Day!

  1. But oh what a GREAT way to start your day! Mmmmm, flax meal on cottage cheese!! That is on my list for brekkies when I get home… can’t get cottage cheese unless I’m down in Hong Kong and even then it can be challenging.

  2. coffee…and a two full water bottles on the run! not a great start…i’m out of whey powder which I like to have on hand for such times that I need a really fast start…had a long drive for my annual onco check-in…I did manage an early lunch that was very tasty from the local hfs 😉

      • I’m embarrassed to say my hens have been pretty stingy in the egg dept this summer…not cool 😦 and somehow, I just can’t bring myself to *buy* eggs. But you’re right, I should know better…usually I would have prepped better for myself but dd was very sick yesterday…weird. Mid day she was hot/cold then a few hours later vomitting…this has happened a few times in the past couple months…today, her period arrived. I’m keeping track (ie: writing it down) this time so I can see if it correlates. Poor thing, I never batted an eye or gave a second thought to TOM…
        Have a great day Sandi.

      • Well, your poor hens have been through some trauma lately 😦 Poor things!

        Sounds like estrogen surge to me… I had easy TOM, too, but my youngest has horrible migraines in association with hers 😦

  3. That Breakfast looks delicious! I always start the day with my oat bran made into porridge with skim milk, love it and it fills me up!

  4. Broccoli with eggs and bacon looks good. . . never would have thought of it! I had nonfat cottage cheese with cinnamon & splenda and a “mini” Dukan pancake with coffee.

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