Travel – So long, China

I’m sitting at the airport in Shanghai writing my last blog post from here. My next one will be from the U.S… Some random thoughts…
I can’t believe I’m really moving home! I’ve lived abroad 6 weeks shy of 4 years!
I can’t wait to give my daughter Jenni a hug at the airport! I love being picked up!
I can’t wait to give Tiffany and the grandkids a hug… Lots of hugging!!
I can’t wait to give my mom a hug… That’ll wait until Sunday 🙂
I can’t wait to start homeschooling my granddaughter Sydnie!

I am going to miss a lot of people in Hangzhou… Saying goodbye was tough! To Jerry, my amazing driver, thank you for knowing me so well that you were spot on picking me up this morning on time and delivering me to the airport 3 hours ahead of time. You are AWESOME!

I am so fortunate that I have a part time job waiting for me at home AND will be starting my own business! So excited!!

I have a chihuahua waiting for me… Bebe! I’ll be picking her up on Saturday morning and I’m so excited!!!


And in 4 days I’ll be hiking in the Appalachian mountains for a few days!!

Life is good! Boarding in 10 minutes so up, up and away!!!!


31 thoughts on “Travel – So long, China

  1. Right now you are probably in the air and I pray for a safe journey for you. You’ve had a grand adventure and are about to embark on another … or many others. Oh I do hope you enjoy your hike (I LOVE the Appalachians) …. what am I saying — I KNOW that you will!

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts from a different point of view.

    Take care and be safe!

  2. Good luck Sandi and all the best for your next venture. I have enjoyed your blog from China and s impressed on your Dukan journey and success Take care Liz xx

  3. Sandi enjoy your start on a new and wonderful adventure. Opening new doors in life always provide both struggles, the unknown and known, and personal growth. Take care dear friend.

  4. I’m so excited for you! I feel a rush just thinking of your optimism and how many things are awaiting you. And I’m jealous that you will be hiking in the Appalachians this month. That’s where I want to be, well, next month, anyway. Where are you winding up, anyway? Happy Travels! – Kaye

    • Kaye… I’m happy to get up there and hike just before it gets too cold 🙂 I’m a Florida girl and like my sunshine and warmness 🙂 Hoping for clear skies and some beautiful hiking!

  5. Many good wishes travel with you, Sandi! Happy Newest Adventure!

    Have fun with your family and …. your chihuahua addition to it! We are chihuahua lovers at my house! I have a long-hair chihuahua and my daughter has a chihuahua mix. They are so great!

    Best wishes,

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