Dukan – A Year Goes By in the Blink of an Eye!

One year ago this weekend was my 30th class reunion. A turning point for me.

One year ago yesterday, on Friday, August 5, 2011… I met with a fellow high school alum, John Geraghty to chat about steps to take to change my life. John is a life coach… to me, a life saver. The tools that John gave me that day were stored in my iPad memo section. Books to read, ideas that he gave me… sage advise. I admitted to John that I weighed 255 pounds. No one else knew. You can read more about starting my Dukan journey here and how I felt about my meeting with John.

The following night, Saturday, was the night of our big dinner. My dear friend Denise’s daughter Aleisha was our official photographer and took this picture that seriously changed my life…

Yes… that’s me in the purple.

When I saw this picture the following day, well I can’t even begin to tell you the myriad of emotions that it brought up… and still brings up.

And so my journey on Dukan begin… not quite a year ago, that anniversary is August 20th, but this weekend… exactly one year ago, changed my life.

With Terri and Michele August 2011

With Leslie – February 2012 – 50 pounds lighter! Half way there!

With Teri at my first 5K – June 2012 – 100 pounds gone!

With Denise, Bernadette, Jennifer and Kevin – June 2012

I consider myself very blessed to have the wonderful and amazing friends and family that I have! You all have made this journey much more fun! See you all in September!

And to all of you who follow this blog… THANK YOU… your support has been awesome! I love how supportive our community is 🙂


It gets better every year!

I am home for 2 weeks to visit my family and to celebrate Martin County High School’s Class of 1981 30th reunion. What a blast we’ve had. Our motto through high school was “beer, sex, tequila and rum we’re the Class of 81″… We continue to live by that credo… LOL We have so much fun when we’re all together!

The reunion committee and a few others, including my mom, got together on Thursday evening to do last minute planning in Jensen Beach. Jammin’ Jensen is held every Thursday night and brings vendors and locals together. Here’s a pic from that night… Cindy, Leslie and Denise.

Friday night was the pub crawl… we started at Sailor’s Return, then walked under the bridge to Pelican Cafe then crawled to Mulligan’s… it was a huge success!!!

This is me, Debbie and Denise…

Saturday night was our dinner night at The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House. We had a great time! You can see more pics of this fun night at the site that our amazing photographer, Aleisha Garcia, created here.

We even had some crazy planking going on!

Sunday was our traditional picnic day, but we had it at Indian Riverside Park instead of Stuart Beach. Thank goodness we had the picnic in the morning, because by 1 pm, the thunderbusters were rolling in!

Two of my favorite people in the world! Denise and Julia!

Me and Lisa Pantzer… Lisa and I grew up in the same neighborhood.

I think a good time was had by all!

One of the things that I notice as we get older and approach (gasp!) 50, is that we are getting so much cooler. So much more relaxed and comfortable with ourselves… who we are, what we do, our pasts and our futures. I know that I enjoy myself and all my former classmates more and more each reunion. Why is that? Is it just us growing up? Maturing?

Thanks again Class of 81 for a great weekend! I look forward to planning the cruise for our 50th birthdays in 2013!