Dukan Diet Redo – Day 6 – PV

Another day in Shanghai. Went out on foot today while the sun was shining. Found a park nearby with an elevated walkway and a running path marked off in 25m increments. Pretty awesome!



Feeling like this today…


And this was my walk…


Breakfast: 2 fried eggs
Lunch: pork stir fry
Dinner: amazing burger (no bun) at Blue Frog with some veggies
Snack: FF Greek yogurt

And I finished reading Dan Brown’s Inferno. Lots to think about at the end of that book!

How was your week?


Some Bloggy Love ♥

You see how amazing my bloggy friends are 🙂

Anna has an amazing garden in NY and has really had a positive affect on my daily life with her enthusiasm and amazing outlook! Check out this post and then get a cup of coffee and check out her interesting blog ♥


On July 31st I was feeling playful and posted a “Name That Tune” game with three photographs that depict something from the song.  Only one person guessed correctly the title and author of the song Sandi who blogs at Flamidyfe’s Blog  guessed that the three photos were:  1) Purple Clover  2) Queen Anne’s Lace  3) Crimson hair across your face…you could make me cry if you don’t know….

Song:  You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Artist: Bob Dylan

Album: Blood on the Tracks

Sandi is the winner of this little fun game we played, but more importantly Sandi is a winner in LIFE!!  She just celebrated a year since she took the bull of her life by the horns and wrangled in her weight for an astonishing 100+ pound weight loss.  Losing that much weight takes courage and determination, Sandi has both in spades as…

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Fifty Shades of Effed Up is Right – A book review


So. I’ve just finished this book this minute. Reading it in a whirlwind fashion, similar to the book.

Most of my girlfriends have read this book, although most won’t admit it 😉

Some have admitted it. I learned a new term this week from one of my BESTIES – “BOB”. LOL.

I am a voracious reader, although with working and exercising its been taking me a couple weeks to get through a book. I downloaded this book a mere 41 hours ago and stayed up two nights in a row late (past my usual 10 pm) to read on my iPad and iPhone.

The book is first and foremost erotic. Very erotic! You learn more than you could imagine about Domination and Submission. But… It’s also romantic and I found it full of comedy. I love when a book makes me laugh out loud! The email exchanges between Christian and Anastasia are witty. You easily fall in love with the characters and the story line.

In regard to the domination/submission part, I was at first dumbfounded that anyone would even want something like that. By the end of the book, you get it. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that! Definitely sheds light on the term from the book “50 shades of effed up”.

Yesterday I was reading the book on my iPhone (I love iCloud and the way it knows what page I was on in the book on my iPad… Crazy technology) and a guy on the subway train was reading it over my shoulder… He gasped about 5 pages later, lol, blushed and I turned and smiled at him… Tee hee.

I recommend the book. It’s probably not a book you’ll want to read in the family bed. If you have a partner, they will benefit from you reading this book, as will you! If you don’t have a partner, well you better have batteries for BOB… 😉


Edited: I forgot to mention this. While reading the book I kept trying to figure out who could play the part of Christian in the movie. Lots of yummy actors out there, and then I thought, there is no way they could do this film right and it only be rated ‘R’!