Some Bloggy Love ♥

You see how amazing my bloggy friends are 🙂

Anna has an amazing garden in NY and has really had a positive affect on my daily life with her enthusiasm and amazing outlook! Check out this post and then get a cup of coffee and check out her interesting blog ♥


On July 31st I was feeling playful and posted a “Name That Tune” game with three photographs that depict something from the song.  Only one person guessed correctly the title and author of the song Sandi who blogs at Flamidyfe’s Blog  guessed that the three photos were:  1) Purple Clover  2) Queen Anne’s Lace  3) Crimson hair across your face…you could make me cry if you don’t know….

Song:  You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Artist: Bob Dylan

Album: Blood on the Tracks

Sandi is the winner of this little fun game we played, but more importantly Sandi is a winner in LIFE!!  She just celebrated a year since she took the bull of her life by the horns and wrangled in her weight for an astonishing 100+ pound weight loss.  Losing that much weight takes courage and determination, Sandi has both in spades as…

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