Fifty Shades of Effed Up is Right – A book review


So. I’ve just finished this book this minute. Reading it in a whirlwind fashion, similar to the book.

Most of my girlfriends have read this book, although most won’t admit it 😉

Some have admitted it. I learned a new term this week from one of my BESTIES – “BOB”. LOL.

I am a voracious reader, although with working and exercising its been taking me a couple weeks to get through a book. I downloaded this book a mere 41 hours ago and stayed up two nights in a row late (past my usual 10 pm) to read on my iPad and iPhone.

The book is first and foremost erotic. Very erotic! You learn more than you could imagine about Domination and Submission. But… It’s also romantic and I found it full of comedy. I love when a book makes me laugh out loud! The email exchanges between Christian and Anastasia are witty. You easily fall in love with the characters and the story line.

In regard to the domination/submission part, I was at first dumbfounded that anyone would even want something like that. By the end of the book, you get it. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that! Definitely sheds light on the term from the book “50 shades of effed up”.

Yesterday I was reading the book on my iPhone (I love iCloud and the way it knows what page I was on in the book on my iPad… Crazy technology) and a guy on the subway train was reading it over my shoulder… He gasped about 5 pages later, lol, blushed and I turned and smiled at him… Tee hee.

I recommend the book. It’s probably not a book you’ll want to read in the family bed. If you have a partner, they will benefit from you reading this book, as will you! If you don’t have a partner, well you better have batteries for BOB… 😉


Edited: I forgot to mention this. While reading the book I kept trying to figure out who could play the part of Christian in the movie. Lots of yummy actors out there, and then I thought, there is no way they could do this film right and it only be rated ‘R’!

20 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Effed Up is Right – A book review

  1. If you liked this, you need to see the film, ‘The Secretary’. It also has S+M, Dom and Sub. as it’s central theme. But like you said, it is the gentle exploration of Power and the intricate relationships involved that really make an impact. Loved the Movie, it’s got Maggie Gyllanhal in it. XX

  2. I read the whole trilogy lol! And yes, I was reading WAY into the night because I wanted to see how the story ended. I was kind of sad when it was all over 😦

  3. just one more MUST read that i need to add to the ever-growing list of books i never seem to read…. have you ever read the sleeping beauty seriers by anne rice (although she writes them under a pen name which escapes me)? talk about E R O T I C!

  4. This has been a continually point of conversation with a bunch of my friends and coworkers. We were discussing the film being made and exactly what kind of wardrobe you’d have to wear to go see it. (I said a huge floppy hat, trench coat and huge sunglasses, and even those wouldn’t hide my blush!) Also, I agree with if it only has an R rating how on EARTH will they do it??!

    My friend Jessie says that Christian Bale would be her pick for Grey.

    • Mmmmm, Christian Bale. Your comment has me laughing out loud, Susan 😀 You’re right, we’d all go incognito… Maybe it should be a direct to DVD film… Lol

    • Me being one of the “work people” talking about it I have to jump in on this! Love the title of the post! I just keep having the same conversation w/ everyone “how is she sooooo messed up that she deals with not only his crazy eroticness but also his intense controlling??!?!” I am very curious to see how the movie plays out!

      • Who would play Anastacia? And you’re right, how could she be so messed up? I actually don’t think she is. I think he totally turns her on and she’s willing to test the waters. I think she’s brave!

  5. Hey, have you ever seen the film, Secretary with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhal? That’s another great great dom/sub love story. I particularly love how the sub in that relationship is actually the one who holds a great deal of power. Def check it out (unless it’s banned in China!! 😉


    • LOL, my friend Lucy also recommends it. I will rent it while I’m home in the States next month 🙂

      In the book, Christian tells Anastacia she’s the one with all the power, many times. I found it intriguing and confusing!

  6. Totally agree with you on the book. I read it. I actually read all 3 of them! lol 🙂 – LOVED IT! I can’t figure out who would do Christian in a movie? hmm – tough one! But it sure can’t be rated R! They wont’ give the book justice! 🙂

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