Update and Triathlon

Quick update… Felt 100% today, first time since I got food poisoning exactly a week ago! My weight today was 145 and I did a 5K run tonight in 40 minutes.

The fun news is that exactly one year from today I will run my first triathlon with three fellow bloggers, Anna, Sandra and Cindy. I met them all through our blogs and we’ll be running, swimming and biking our way through the Danskin Women’s triathlon next August! SO, SO excited!

Off to bed… Work in the morning!


20 thoughts on “Update and Triathlon

      • We’d return to Shekou, just an hour out of HK right across the border. In Shenzhen.
        Very happy for you! We have been home in the US for a year now and love it. Sadly…it’s also how I gained almost 20lbs! YOu are better prepared than I was though. ha ha

  1. Glad you finally licked the the food poisoning. I know how you felt and mine was very mild. Wont be long now and you will be home. Wish I could be there to greet you. But know I’ll see you very soon. 🙂 Mom

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