Blogger Awards – Part 2

So this is the 2nd Blogger Award that I was nominated for this past week. It is called the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and looks like this:

I searched for nearly an hour for the origins of this blog award and could not find anything. So I’m going to tell you what it means to me. To be a Very Inspiring Blogger you write posts that inspire others. Pretty simple, if you ask me. I was nominated by MJ at emjayandthem … thank you, MJ… MJ told me that my blog inspired her to begin the Dukan diet this week… how awesome is that?!?!?

There are 2 things you must do if you ACCEPT this award: 1. Tell 7 things about yourself that others may not know and 2. Nominate 7 people that inspire you. So here goes:

1. I am a midwife that is tired of being up all night waiting on babies 🙂

2. I am a mom to 3 terrific kids Nick, Jenni and Tiffany… I wasn’t the best mom, but I did the best I could and they’ve turned out to be pretty awesome adults! I also have an “adopted” daughter, Ashley, who I love like my own kids and who lived with us for a time in her teens, she’s a pretty awesome adult, too!

3. I am the “Momma” to 2 grandchildren from Jenni, 3 from Tiffany and 2 from Ashley. I am only 48 😀

4. I actually look forward to turning 50 years old in 21 months. I keep getting better with age!

5. I took up running in December and LOVE IT… “Run” was NOT in my vocabulary 7 months ago.

6. I adore my mother… she is my biggest fan in ANYTHING I do… I thank God on a daily basis for giving me to her or her to me… either way I am BLESSED!

7. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers… most of whom I don’t communicate with… LOL That is balanced by the fact that I have some of the very best friends a girl could EVER have and I am so fortunate that most of them still live in my home town. They are closer to me than most sisters and brothers!

Now for the 7 people I am nominating and why. They are not only inspirational to me, but they will be inspirational to YOU. I encourage you to take the time to click on every single one of their blogs. Here we go…

1. Mel at Mel is a runner and a Dukaner… she is just a couple of kilos from her goal weight and even though the scale has been up and down for her the past month or so, she keeps plugging along!!! She doesn’t give up. Her posts about running give me the inspiration to lace up my Brooks and go out for a run… now if I only had a dog as cute as her Millie!

2. The DukanDietress She lost over 100 pounds on the Dukan Diet and looks TERRIFIC! She is in the Consolidation Phase (Phase 3) of the diet and her insight is invaluable! Lots of very inspiring before and after pics on her blog!

3. Cyn at the ChunkyGoddess. Cyn tells it like it is and I like that. She’s awesome, she’s close to her WW goal and she’s raisin’ hell. Her brutal honesty is refreshing!

4. Sonia at My Dukan Diet . She has lost 83 pounds and is doing GREAT! Her posts inspire me to keep going and they’ll inspire you get started!

5. Brett at NoTimeToW8. Brett has lost 64.8 lbs and is still going. He is also doing the C25K and has just finished Week 3… WOO HOO!!!

6. Russell at TheEaglesNest. Russell has lost 96.4 lbs on Weight Watchers… he is now a mentor to many… his blog is incredibly inspiring to me!

7. And Pat at i~Nurse Educator. Pat is a Nurse (obviously) and an educator and an advocate and a dieter. He’s lost 23.4 lbs so far and his advocacy for nurses is one of the things that drew me in. Go Pat!

So there you have it… 7 more very deserving bloggers getting an award. I have 2 more to pay forward this week… maybe tomorrow 🙂