You Deserve Love

So, I’ve had a crap day at work… LOL. I know, not my usual optimism, but I really have had a crap day at work. It has to do with yesterday’s post in regard to being “someone else’s world”. The good news is tomorrow I see if I can get an extension on my visa, so it’s not an issue of going out of town.

So, what am I doing this evening? I’ve had a lovely dinner, a cup of tea and I have all of the lights out and the candles burning all over my flat. I have love songs on… the last, one of my favorites; Joe Cocker singing just to me, “You Are So Beautiful”. And I’m loving it. And loving MYSELF and remembering that I deserve My love and attention πŸ™‚ I’ll do this until 8:00 p.m., then I’m going to love myself even more by going out and running!

The Sunshine Award

Words cannot even express how humble I feel by being nominated for the Sunshine Award by Olive. Olive is a brilliant writer and can her blog can be found here I found her site recently and work myself through a couple of posts an evening. Her writing is from the heart and I love that!

As part of accepting the nomination I am required to post the answers to the following questions πŸ™‚

Favorite colors: Purple and Green (ironically those are also Olive’s favorite colors!!)

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite Number: 13

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Skinny Cafe Latte

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? FACEBOOK

My passion: Lowering infant and maternal mortality through education

Prefer getting or giving presents: GIVING

Favorite Pattern: Circles

Favorite Day of the Week: Pajama Day πŸ˜€

Favorite flower: Gerbera Daisy

And now the hard part… choosing 10 bloggers to pass this on to. Oh My! I read SO many amazing blogs! This is a real tough one for me… I didn’t like to have to pick teams on dodge ball! Mel keeps me motivated to get out and run.. and she has an adorable dog to boot! Charlotte is the first Dukan blog I followed… I love reading her quippy posts and her honesty about struggling to stay on this program! Moonday’s Philosophy is permanently attached to my fridge! Sonia has done an amazing job on the Dukan diet! I also follow this amazing blogger who has great advise about Dukan and her success!
Cyn tells it like it is… I’m new to her blog, but loving it! She says what we’d all like to say, but are afraid to say it… LOL
She has some fabulous recipe ideas on her site… her Mega-Power omelet is amazing! Have Bag, Will Travel
Lots of great travel writing and PICTURES here!! I have just started to enjoy this blog and I’m glad I stumbled upon it! – Warning, some may find his stuff offensive… I find it raw, funny and he speaks his truth! And although they haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, this blog has some of the best Dukan friendly recipes on it. The pictures, descriptions and instructions make cooking delicious Dukan foods easy!

Olive… again, thanks!

Today… Give Up

Let Today Be

I referred to myself today as still being in the “fat girl” mindset. Even though I see this newly emerging woman in the mirror, I still have the mentality of the fat girl I used to be. I put on a T-shirt this morning and questioned if it was too form fitting. After turning around in the mirror a few times I realized I don’t have the fat hanging over the sides of my bra anymore, and as my friend Velina said, my back has really thinned out! When the heck did that happen?

One of my favorite readers talked yesterday about being self conscious wearing clothes that “fit”… I think this is part of that mentality that we hold on to. If we wear looser clothing, no one will notice how fat we’ve become. I am wearing clothes that fit and I know when there has been a slight change in my weight, based on how they fit. It makes sense to wear clothes that not only “fit”, but look and feel good to wear.

I vow that today I give up who I’ve been! And love who I’m becoming β™₯

Dukan – Day 125… I DID IT!

Friday was a PV day πŸ™‚

Daily Weight Loss: 0.7 lb/0.3 kg
Total Weight Loss: 55.2 lb/25.11 kg

Woo hoo! I hit my mid-January goal… this morning!!!! I wanted to be down 55 lbs before going home on vacation and I’ve done it. If I didn’t worry about hurting myself, I’d be doing cartwheels πŸ˜€

I’ve been working on getting this last 5 pounds off since December 5th, so 19 days ago, and this just goes to prove that it does comes off… perseverance is the key. And it doesn’t melt off, you’ve got to work it!

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: I made a tuna salad for myself and 2 friends… Tuna in brine, “mayo” made with dijon mustard and fat free cream cheese with a teeny bit of water and diced onions and salt. I mixed all that together and then placed it on the top of a small handful of mixed lettuce greens. Sliced a tea egg (each) into quarters and dressed the bowl with a drizzle of olive oil (it’s the one thing I haven’t given up, and I’m not giving up).
Dinner: Sashimi with the hottest damn wasabi I have eaten in my life! Seriously!
Snack: FF Cottage cheese with bran… BLECH! I’m out of yogurt and this was the only thing I could think of to put it in…. not recommended!

I had a WONDERFUL day off. Slept until about 715 (my body just won’t sleep later, dammit!) but stayed in bed until 1130… I even went downstairs to the tea egg vendor in my jammies (with a coat of course) and my flip flops which warrants you quite a few stares when it’s 37 F outside. I then climbed back into bed and had breakfast and a cup of coffee. Stayed there reading the news online, catching up on all the blogs I read and writing my own. It was AWESOME!

Then Chiara came over and joined Lucy and I for the lunch I described above. Chiara and I then walked 30 minutes to the hair salon, recommended by my friend Velina. I had the following done:
Hair wash, head massage (20 minute), hair consult (in Chinese with lots of pointing and sign language and showing my pics of my previous highlighting job in Shanghai) then a cut, a blow-dry and then the assistant WRAPPED MY HAIR IN SARAN WRAP to high-light it… ummm, I was a tad nervous and thought I’d play it out before calling a “Time-Out”. What ended up happening is amazing… he gently and expertly pulled my hair through the Saran Wrap, without hurting me (at Toni & Guy I was in pain and ended up with a friggin’ scabbed head!) and then he applied the high-light solution. Afterwards they rewashed my hair, gave me a 5 minute head massage, the stylist dried and styled my hair with goop and I walked out very happy. My hair came out really good, better than the expensive cut and high-light at Toni & Guy ($221.00) I PAID JUST… $31.58 for all of this. I am a happy camper and will post a pic in tomorrow’s blog.

Today is Christmas Eve already here in China…. 645 a.m. I am working today and doing what I love to do the most… educating women and their partners about pregnancy and childbirth… should be a great day!


Quote of the day: FAMILY – Father And Mother I Love You ~ quoted by Jerry, my driver here in China… he doesn’t know the source, but I love it… never thought of the word like that before!



Dukan – Day 118

Friday was a PP day πŸ™‚

First… thanks to those that stop in… I reached 10,000 page views while I was sleeping last night… that is AWESOME!

Daily Weight Loss: 0.7 lb/0.30 kg
Total Weight Loss: 52.4 lb/23.81 kg

Well… finally kicked that pounds ass! It can be quite frustrating to get on the scale for 10 days and stay within the same pound. 1/2 pound up, 3/4 pounds down, but finally did it. Getting closer and closer to my January goal (just need 1/2 a pound!) It seems to be getting tougher, but I’ll persevere. Logically I realize that I should only be losing 1-2 pounds a week at this point… but the I WANT IT NOW me wants it NOW πŸ˜€

My friend Lucy, who is visiting for a month, is officially starting the Dukan with me today. She’s kind of been in a forced Dukan menu for 2 weeks, has lost nearly 2 kgs and figured she may as well go all in. So, no more rice at lunch for her! We shopped last night for groceries and they were pumping in the baking bread smell hardcore… I am sure that stores and restaurants (like McD’s) have special ventilators that waft that stuff out of the store into our brains and make us want to buy their crap! Well, dammit… it didn’t work! I did however have to repeat Moonday’s PhilosophyΒ over and over.

I have kept my progress on a spreadsheet created by the amazing Charlotte, and will start one for Lucy today, as well. The spreadsheet has been an amazing way to track my progress and see the overall picture… thanks SO MUCH, Charlotte xoxo

Now off to work, where we have a Christmas Party this afternoon… should be fun!


Quote of the day:Β Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.Β  ~Plato

Ooops, yesterday was really Dukan – Day 111

Saturday was a PV Day

Daily weight loss: 0.4 lb/0.2 kg
Not sure, in Shanghai for weekend

So did a marketing event for the hospital this morning, had a meeting with CEO, which left me feeling a bit confused, and then headed for the train station for a few days of R&R in Shanghai. I also have to do my work visa stuff here on Monday.

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: chicken leg at train station.. LOL, seriously πŸ™‚
Snack: Chai latte with Splenda… BUT, realized this morning that it’s got sugar in it! 😦
Dinner: Vietnamese style sizzlin’ steak, with 2 pieces of broccoli and a thin slice of carrot
Snack: 2% Greek yogurt (store was out of FF) with Splenda and bran

Walked and walked and walked in the cold… Had a nice afternoon and evening walking and shopping in Shanghai!


Quote of the day: Weight loss is like hiking, it is hard to get started & is hard along the way, but once you reach the top, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THE JOURNEY!