Today… Give Up

Let Today Be

I referred to myself today as still being in the “fat girl” mindset. Even though I see this newly emerging woman in the mirror, I still have the mentality of the fat girl I used to be. I put on a T-shirt this morning and questioned if it was too form fitting. After turning around in the mirror a few times I realized I don’t have the fat hanging over the sides of my bra anymore, and as my friend Velina said, my back has really thinned out! When the heck did that happen?

One of my favorite readers talked yesterday about being self conscious wearing clothes that “fit”… I think this is part of that mentality that we hold on to. If we wear looser clothing, no one will notice how fat we’ve become. I am wearing clothes that fit and I know when there has been a slight change in my weight, based on how they fit. It makes sense to wear clothes that not only “fit”, but look and feel good to wear.

I vow that today I give up who I’ve been! And love who I’m becoming ♥