What a Week and a Half

It’s been 10 days of up and downs, but things are improving!

Last Sunday a bike ride after church and then a drive 70 miles north to Melborne to visit Nick in the hospital. Very sick, my boy 😦  He had surgery for this unknown infection in his left leg at 0700. Ask for prayers for healing… so many responses… THANK YOU!

Monday drive 70 miles south to job at the birth center. Call on my drive home, Nick being rushed back into surgery after spiking at 104.6 temp.

Tuesday drive 70 miles north to see Nick. Things not looking good. Surgeon says he may have to amputate to save Nick’s life. Lots and lots of prayer and healing energy, lots of emails and messages on facebook… my friends are AWESOME! Still no work on what this infection is.

Wednesday. Drive 70 miles south to birth center drive. In the late afternoon we’re told that it’s Group G strep… I’ve never heard of it. Conversation with my friend Julie so positive and full of light. Great suggestions! She also sends texts which I forward to Nick. I go to my Wednesday night bible study and everyone asks how Nick is… prayers said, uplifted by everyone’s spirit and positivity. Go to wifi cafe to read up on this G strep and it doesn’t look good. The first study I read 1 in 5 die. 2 of the 4 that survive have amputation. I decide to meditate on his leg and body being WHOLE. I went home, tucked Sydnie into bed and went for a 45 minute run… forgot to set the RunKeeper, but think it was about 3 miles total.

Thursday… NO IDEA WHAT I DID… LOL Oh wait! Tiffany and I ran the billing business all day… sheesh, I have NO BRAIN! Nick got his PICC line. That is an indwelling catheter in his subclavian artery so they don’t have to keep poking him for blood draws and resticking for IVs every 72 hours. Nick will be receiving long term antibiotics through this port for approximately a month.

Friday… Drive 80 miles to my college teaching job. Had a GREAT class. I really, really love teaching midwifery. LOVE IT. Then 10 miles north to the birth center to hook up with my girls and a 180 mile drive across the state to the west coast to see the mother of US midwifery Ina Mae Gaskin’s film premier and a meet and greet with her. Thank you boss lady, Miriam, for the trip… you’re the best… I still think the highlight of the trip was the stop at the TACO TRUCK in the middle of nowhere (South Bay) on the way over. FYI: I only ate the pork with the onions and cilantro… yum!!! Then 180 miles back to the birth center, where I spent the night, exhausted!

Saturday… Drive 70 miles north to home. Catch up on housework, saw the grandkids, did a nice bike ride. Nick improving. Doc cautiously optomistic. No temp over 100 for 3 days!!! Woo hoo!!!

Sunday… rode my bike to church 4.25 miles. Then rode it home, but took the long way…

Gorgeous day for a long bike ride!

Gorgeous day for a long bike ride!

My butt hurts, LOL. But it was a GORGEOUS ride! Lots of time to think and not think and just enjoy the wind in my hair. Nick update… surgeon says Nick is doing so well, he MIGHT go home this week! Last Tuesday he told him he’d be in hospital for at least 3 weeks! He will keep his PICC line in and continue on the long term antibiotics, but be at home. This is awesome news!

Monday… 70 mile drive to birth center job. It’s EARTH DAY and we’re celebrating. So much fun! Nick is still doing well and is waiting on news whether he gets to go home this week.

On the Dukan front… I’m eating very well, but my weight isn’t budging. I was starting to get VERY discouraged, but had a pep talk with myself. I know the Dukan Diet works… I mean everyone that follows this blog knows that. I also know that stress causes cortisol levels to rise, which makes it difficult to lose weight… I’m thinking my cortisol levels are through the roof this past week and a half 🙂 My weight is 164. I’ll take that, for now. I’m focusing on my boy and that’s what is important. I’ll just keep eating right and it’ll happen.

So that’s the update. Waiting on word on whether he is going home today. My mom and sis are on the way there now. I’ve been skyping him on days I can’t be there. And I am so grateful for the technology that we have!

Skyping with Nick

Skyping with Nick

My bike... a gift for which I'm grateful :)

My bike… a gift for which I’m grateful 🙂

Ina Mae Gaskin at her movie premier.

Ina Mae Gaskin at her movie premier.

So that’s my week… what have you been up to? How is your exercise and food choices going?


18 thoughts on “What a Week and a Half

  1. Crazy busy week, but good for you! SOOOOOO glad Nick is doing so much better and the talk is that he will be able to go home soon. Sounds like a huge difference from just a few days ago. Will keep praying for his full recovery.

  2. Oh gosh…sorry to hear about your ups and downs but glad your son is getting better! Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you. I just don’t know how you can even keep to eating well…when I’m under stress and super busy I start eating junk food! You’re amazing!

    • I am DEFINITELY staying out of the stores! Otherwise I’d totally be eating junk. The stress is difficult and I’ve found my “comfort” food in dairy products… the current bane of my existence, lol.

  3. Hi Sandi, sending Nick some very special thoughts from the southern hemisphere, I do hope he has been allowed to go home. It is very good news that an amputation is obviously no longer on the cards – phew!! It is so inspiring that no matter how hectic and stressful your life is you still find time to squeeze in a run and bike rides 🙂

    • I have totally found running and now biking the best stress reliever and you mention me as your food hero, well you,, my dear, are my running hero!! Your posts got me up and going and your recommendation to read Wheat Belly sealed the deal… thank you xoxo

  4. We are all thinking of you and your son, I’m so glad to hear he is improving – lets be positive and say he will be home and well soon!! Lol at your sore bum, bike riding is a bum killer lol! 🙂 keep thinking positive xx

  5. You,my daughter, never seize to amaze me. I am so proud of you my chest hurts. Was very pleased when I saw Nick yesterday. Please pass my thanks to all your friends from me for all their prayers. And you my dear to relax and breathe a little. ❤ Mom

  6. I am re evaluating my ‘diet’ – working on making it a everyday lifetime thing- Like being gluten free– Just added magnesium supplement, and foods, metabolism benefits from this. I am leaving the sugar and ‘heavy’ carbs out- Bringing fruits, and veggies, back in and a bit of brown rice–Oh and nuts too. Thinking FRESH. I hit a wall also. Then on top of that busyness has interfered with exercise. I am so impressed you still manage that in the midst of your turmoil!! That would be my excuse not to ;(

    Praying for Nick on a regular basis– Dr’s knowledge. God doing it all and healing him completely with all limbs intact in spite of any lack of knowledge the MD’s may have. Strength, courage, & hope for you and Nick during this time— Love

  7. Sandi, What can I say? You never cease to amaze me. I love the very personal aspect of your blog, how you let us into your life. Nick? How is he doing today? Keep us updated, please. Love you, Mona.

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