Alex for 400

So, last night was the 2nd night this week I’ve had the same dream…

Alex Trebek and I are backpacking around South America in Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and we’re looking for precious gems. There is a whole Celestine Prophecy and Indiana Jones feel to the adventure.

Alex tells me over dinner at the hacienda that he has to fly back to Studio City the next morning to film Jeopardy, but he wants me to keep searching without him.

The next morning he leaves and I continue my adventure, discovering the secret gems in the late afternoon. I go back to the hacienda to call him and realize he’s on live TV (even though I “know” the show is taped) and I decide to call and leave him a message to call me the moment he is off the air.

I’m watching him on TV as I’m calling and he looks at the caller ID and says, “Pardon me, I must take this call” and turns his back on the camera to answer my call. This is how excited he is at my news…


He tells me that he will get on a flight as soon as taping is over and to stay where I’m at. Then I wake up.

Funny, our dreams. How about you? Dreaming of celebrities? The funny thing is I watched Magic Mike just before I went to bed last night. Would’ve thought I would dream of Matthew McConahey.

On second thought, this is the image of Alex I’ll file away for the next dream πŸ™‚



27 thoughts on “Alex for 400

  1. Sounds like you & Alex are best-buds if he drops everything to take calls from you πŸ˜‰ I had a dream last night that I was working out “all wrong”, strange! Happy New Year!

  2. What a funny dream. Makes you wonder what was in your mind (besides Magic Mike) to have that dream two nights in a row!! πŸ™‚

  3. Dreams can be so much fun. I pretty much enjoy any of the ones that don’t center around work. I hope you are finding some balance and still going for your dream job. You have some amazing knowledge and experience that many people could gain so much from in the area of getting back to health. Take care!

  4. I love “The Dream Book” by Betty Bethards – it is a “go to” book in my house.

    I encourage you to parse out the main symbols in this dream and then look them up or send to me and I’ll look up for you πŸ™‚

    Cheers! MJ

  5. I dreamed last night that I was helping a friend of mine move but all her furniture was at the bottom of a swimming pool so we had to put on SCUBA gear to get it.

  6. Alex Trebek? How bizarre! And not just one night, hmm. You are a hoot!

    Sandi, I love the transparency of your blog. You show us your flaws and stumbles as well as your successes and your moments of fun. My final divorce papers were in the mailbox yesterday; I was surprisingly sad. Very sad. Mourning the loss of marriage. Even though I walked away from to save my life, I still grieve because I wanted it to work. Now, I’m ready to plunge head-first into the next chapter of my life. I wonder what will be written.

    I want to write about the experience. I want to post it. But I’m reluctant because I don’t want to hurt anyone who might just happen by — a ridiculous reason, don’t you think?

    When you figure out the significance of this dream, please post it.


    • I think the writing is cathartic. Write it down and store it away. Keep in mind your story can help others!
      I’m sending you a big hug from here! Embrace it πŸ™‚
      I’ll keep trying to figure out the dream… Had to be some significant symbolism in there.

  7. LOL. You made me check out the Celestine Prophecies again. I read the books way back more than 10 years ago and loved them then. Didn’t know the 12th prophecy was finally published. Might be something for my Kindle. πŸ™‚

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