Rock You Like A Hurricane

So, exciting couple of days I’ve had! That little tropical storm that I blogged about yesterday morning turned into a full on Category 4 Typhoon (known as a hurricane in the Atlantic) and headed to come on land just a smidge west of Hong Kong in the middle of the night.

Yesterday afternoon, when it started heading north towards HK and became a slow moving Category 1 storm, I decided to ditch the free night I earned at Best Western and pack up. I then headed out in the torrential rain, that no umbrella would have protected me from, to see if I could get a train back to Guangzhou.

Category 1 in the afternoon, local HK time…


There were two reasons I wanted out of HK… 1. I was staying on the top floor (37th) of a hotel on a small island and 2. I had an interview to do in the morning and didn’t want to let the hospital down.
I got to the train ticket office, soaking wet, only to be told, “NO” 😦

The good thing about the typhoon was that I was forced to actually relax and I never lost my Internet connection! I chatted with Miri for awhile and her wit kept me distracted. Then, around 930 pm I thought I was having vertigo because the room was moving… Well the room WAS moving, the wind was howling and a peek at told me this…


Yes, a Category FOUR hurricane with winds that were shaking the building!
I took this shot of the outside…


So, while I’m Facebooking updates and pretending all is well with the world I’m freaking out and scared… Thank God my friend Teri popped up to chat…. Teri, you calmed me down and distracted me and I’m so grateful πŸ™‚ I took a Lunesta and decided to sleep it away… Gently rocked (literally) to sleep by the winds!

I woke up at 515 to get ready to go to the train. The winds were still quite high and it was pouring rain. The concierge said that the subways were working and that my train was delayed because of trees on the track. I thought I’d risk it and go anyway. My train left just 13 minutes late!

My trusty personal assistant, Rose, met me at the station in Guangzhou and off to the interview we went. The interview was for a company called qq and it was about my passion, water birth. Here we are during the interview…


And the storm has followed me north… Downgraded to a Cat 3 typhoon now. Very odd that I had no idea about this storm until I was in the middle of it. At home, in Florida, everyone would be broadcasting around the clock if there was a storm brewing like that! No storefronts boarded up this morning and the street pork guy was opening his shop while I made my way to the subway! Different perspectives, different countries… Ahhhh, what an interesting life I lead πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Rock You Like A Hurricane

  1. Interesting is an understatement, chica!!! I’m just happy the Lunesta helped some and that you arrived back safely. You make me laugh. Love your outlook, woman!

  2. I have been having issues here…not getting emails anymore when you post????? Sounds like a great adventure!! Stay safe! I have a story to tell you when I have more time…a friends daughter giving birth in Morocco…not a great story. hope I can get this figured out!

    • That happens sometimes, the not getting the message. At the top of the page, if youre logged into your wordpress, there should be the words, “following”, “like” and “Reblog”. If “following” only says “follow”, click on it and see if you get messages again πŸ™‚

  3. OY! what a ride. That does sound like an adventure though. Glad you came through it safely AND made your meeting….no wonder they’ll miss you so much when you leave. πŸ™‚

  4. I worked on the 20 something floor and when the west texas winds blew here the water in the toilets would move a bit,- That freaked me out. I can’t imagine the whole room rocking. Brave girl!! BTW the pict of you at meeting you look like a little girl in the shadows… so cute.

  5. Sandi… you did an interview with QQ? That’s like the equivalent of doing an interview with Twitter…. nice! Glad that you’re okay!

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