Dukan – Day 226 – Whoosh

Monday was a PP Day 🙂

And God said, “Sandi needs a break today” and so it was….
Daily weight loss: 1.1 lb/0.50 kg
Total weight loss: 81.4 lb/37.01 kg

I needed that whoosh! Even with that whoosh I only lost a pound this week, but I’m going with it! I think I’ll do another PP Day today to keep the ketones up and hopefully lose 2 pounds this week. The original goal was to be at 165 by April 15th… That ain’t going to happen since that’s 8 pounds away and the 15th is 2 weeks away and this week I’m taking a 4 hour train ride each way to Wenzhou and then flying to Guangzhou next Monday for a week (with a train ride into Hong Kong). But, that’s OK, because even if I lose 2 lbs a week, that’ll be 85 pounds down in less than 8 months and that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment!

Knee update: I got a brace last night and feel 100% better… like its stabilized. I also got treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and have a plaster patch on with TCM stuff on it now. I’ll see the TCM doc today for a manipulation/massage/acupuncture. I had a total and complete melt down about the knee yesterday. My friend Julia reminded me that it’s OK to have melt downs and I’m sure there was way more going on, and the knee was a good excuse to work through it. I’ve accepted that I’m not going to run until the end of the week and then give it a try… With the brace. I think it’s totally hysterical and ironic that I am so bummed about having to take 5 days off from running. 8 months ago I couldn’t climb 2 flights of stairs without stopping to catch my breath. Now I run 30 minutes and I’m not out of breath!

And lastly, I took a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory pill last night and went to bed at 911pm (I’m a number freak, lol)… Anyway, I got a call at 1001 saying A was having mild contractions, I told her hubby to keep an eye on them, but for them to try and get rest. I got a call at 1033 saying they were very strong and every 4 minutes, I say get in taxi, lol. I get a call at 1046 that they are in taxi, I tell them I’m walking to work (I’m shocked that I’m up and alert and dressed and walking the 1 mile to work without swaying!). I get to hospital at 1101 and she’s upstairs and apparently 4 cms and already in the water birth tub. She’s behaving like she’s going to have a baby any minute… And at 1142 she did. Baby T came peacefully into her daddy’s hands in the water. I kept the vultures, errr other staff away from suctioning, stimulating or otherwise interrupting the beauty of normal birth and this baby just opened her eyes, looked at mommy and daddy and took a little nap… It was amazing to watch. She was totally unaffected by her very fast labor! What a beautiful transition to be part of. I delayed cord clamping by nearly 10 minutes. I love showing my staff here that the baby needs to be with mommy and daddy and not with them. Baby T never cried, just pinked up beautifully and rested on her mommy’s chest in the warm water of the birth tub.
I was home just over 2 hours after I left… 🙂


Baby T enjoying her gentle water birth at 3 minutes old.


Dukan – Day 225 – Bummed Knee & Aussie Football

Saturday was a PV day 🙂

Daily weight loss: 0
Total weight loss: 80.3 lbs/36.51 kg

Well at least I stayed the same. LOL – Trying very hard to keep my humor about all of this!

I had a fantastic Saturday… worked half a day and taught an awesome childbirth education class on nutrition and pregnancy and breastfeeding. Childbirth education really is my forte… I love it and wish I could do it full-time.

Then Vivien, Reena and I headed out for The Vineyard to watch my very first Australian Football League game. I am apparently a Geelong Cat fan 😀 They lost, but it was a tight game and very exciting to watch. And I have to say much more physical than American football… WITHOUT all of the equipment! AND they don’t stop for anything… including INJURIES! They just keep going. It was a lot of fun to watch and I’m looking forward to the next match on Easter Monday!

While watching the game I simply crossed my right leg over my left and rested the heel of my right foot on the area just above my left knee. And when I put my right foot back down I had the most incredible pain in my left knee! So I stood up… no problem there, and then I sat back down and screamed out in pain… I can’t SIT down and put weight on that knee while sitting… I have to stretch it out and use my right knee and the heel of my left foot to sit. I can straight leg lift it, no pain, I can walk on it, no pain, but I can’t bend it to sit 😦 I’ve self diagnosed myself with Runner’s knee and will heed the advise given in the article. I am beyond bummed… I was suppose to run last night after I got back from the football game. I am bordering on obsessed about when I’ll be able to run again… as in how many days will I rest it before I run again, and do I even do my walks? I’m getting ready for work right now and I’m planning on walking to work (1 mile)… I’ve never gone to work any other way in the 6 months I’ve lived here… I’ve actually walked to work every day for over 6 months… I’ll see how that goes… there are taxis if I need to hop in one.

Food for the day:
Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: 100% beef burger and a side salad
Dinner: Chicken wings w/ hot sauce not dipped in anything for breading… the chef at The Vineyard makes these special just for me 🙂

Exercise prior to knee failing me: 3.5 mile round-trip walk to see K and H and get some baby snuggle time in.

I hope everyone else has had a fabulous weekend thus far!