Dukan – Day 135 HEY! Where did that come from?

Today was a PV day, because of the lack of choices at the halal restaurant.

Daily weight loss: +1.8 lb/0.8 kg!!! WTH?
Total weight loss: 56.3 lb/25.61 kg

So I have a pretty good idea why this has happened…

1. I only had 500 mL water
2. It was my 4th PV day in a row
3. The food at the lunch place yesterday was LOADED with MSG… AND the bloody bastards didn’t have my sliced beef with cilantro AND my only choice besides the thinly sliced celery blades was mushrooms that I’m now sure were made with a wheat flour base… Lunch was definitely an O.F.F.S., moment 😦
4. Although I walk a mile to and from work each day, I didn’t get in my extra evening walk.

So, what to do? Fix all that today (drank 550 mL before anything else this morning). This program WORKS and it works real well when you do the right things.

Plan: 4 PP days to balance out the 4 PV days I just had, limit 2 coffee/tea drinks per day (since I have<em to have milk in them, extra 45 mins. of walking at night and WATER.

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs
Lunch: See above
Dinner: Sirloin steak with onion and garlic stems
Snack: Yogurt with bran and Splenda

I hope everyone is off to a good start for 2012!


Quote of the day, posted on FB by my friend Danielle: Just for today, I will refrain from improving anybody but myself ~ Dear Abby ….. This is a tough one for me, I set my expectations of others too high, I'm adding this to the bucket list!

8 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 135 HEY! Where did that come from?

    • Very observant of you, Kathy! Hmmm, OK… I will vow to do that in my personal life and strive to do the complete opposite when it comes to quality healthcare! 🙂

      • Mix between wanting your friends to be the best that they can be and not correcting them. Best bet is to be their loyal cheer leader and to present suggestions/advice carefully and with great thought.

        We “control” others when we feel not in control. It is our need for control of our life. Not their need to have someone to control them. At your work place Quality Control improve mothers outcome. Your job is to give them the very best outcome.

        We all must control our own environment/life.

        Just words my dear friend.

  1. It’s horrible when someone else has made your food and you have no control over whats in it! I HATE it when unecessary things are added to food, you can cook lovely food without adding MSG, flour, sugar, salt, etc, etc – the list goes on and on! You are doing so well, it sounds like you have a great plan to get back on track. xoxoxo

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