Dukan – Day 134… The forgotten post

Sunday was a PV day.

Daily weight loss: a wee bit
Total weight loss: a wee bit more 🙂 (not admitting I forgot to write the figures down to bring to work with me!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2012 is finally here and it’s going to be great! I will continue on this Dukan journey until the weight is off and keep it off. According to Dr. Dukan, I should reach my goal weight by April 2nd. That would be very cool 🙂 I am resolved to do this for ME, for my health. As of this morning I’ve lost 58 pounds… FIFTY EIGHT POUNDS! And I feel great!

I’m also coming home for a holiday and conference for 3 weeks and I can’t wait. As much as I love traveling, working overseas and experiencing the world, home is truly where my heart is. I’ll bring a piece of home back with me so I won’t miss it so much 😀

I rang in the New Year’s morning with a brisk 20 minute walk and some coffee at McCafe. Then Lucy and I explored the Ladies Market and then had, of all things, pork chops and a salad for lunch… YUMMY! No black-eyed peas to be found anywhere, but I truly believe if you are good to others your karma will be good to you… I’ll have black-eyed peas next year!

Then back to the hostel to pick-up our bags and a mad dash to the airport, where Lucy’s bag was completely emptied and searched, while I had a panic attack over getting on the plane on time!! We walked up to the gate and boarded, me, heart pounding, Lucy smirking… LOL, we are definitely yin and yang!

Back in Hangzhou, Kitty and KaKa waiting to get us just outside customs. It always feels so nice to have people waiting for you when you arrive at the airport! Home by 8 pm and unpacked by 9! Now time to repack for my trip home… 15 more sleeps until I get on the plane! CAN’T WAIT!


Quote of the Day: In too many instances, the march to globalization has also meant the marginalization of women and girls. And that must change ~ Hillary Clinton

Pic if the Day: Lucy, cool as a cucumber on the subway while I’m freaking out that we’ll be late!


4 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 134… The forgotten post

  1. That’s a great pic of Lucy 🙂 I feel for you friend. I ALWAYS stress about getting on the plane on time… (remember I went to the WRONG airport when flying to meet you in San Fran!!!!!).
    58 # is FANTASTIC!
    xoxoxoxox YOu

  2. Wow , do enjoy anticipating your next trip, the big one home. You will enjoy the warm weather. (38 degrees F high today in North Alabama.

    Some facts to use for your benefit when on your next vacation. Walking on the beach uses 50 percent more calories. Use good supportive shoes. Walking one mile in water burns the same calories as two miles on land.

    • Wow! Great advise… I didn’t know that. And darnit… it better WARM up before I get home! It’s suppose to be in 20’s this morning in Florida!!! I want it in the 80’s! I walked to work this morning and it was 29… I just keep thinking, Kath says I burn more calories when it’s cold… 😀

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