Dukan – Day 136 Back on track!

Today was a PP day… Day 1 of 4 to counter the 4 PV days I had while in Hong Kong.

Daily weight loss: 0.9 lb/0.44 kg
Total weight loss: 57.2 lb/26.01 kg

So I started out my 4 days of Pure Protein in a good way πŸ™‚ and I feel good!

Breakfast: 2 tea eggs 500 mL water, coffee
Lunch: 2 tea eggs and 4 slices of ham, 500 mL water, tea
Dinner: fresh pork from roadside stand (I know, I’m tempting fate), fresh onion from roadside stand and garlic stems
Snack: yogurt with bran and Splenda, 250 mL water, tea

I walked to work (I do this every day) 1 mile/1.5 kms
I walked after work to meet friends for coffee (I usually walk home) 3 miles/4.5 kms
I walked home from coffee 2 miles/3kms
For a total of 6 miles/9 kms. Not so bad πŸ™‚

I did pretty well on the water and I’m happy about that.

I had practice at work today for the talent show we’re doing on Sunday. I’m supposed to perform ABBA’s Dancing Queen… My back up singers have thrown in the towel, but Kitty keeps telling me lying to me, “you sing beautiful, Sandi”… I’m sure a few people are having a good laugh about right now πŸ˜€

I hope everyone has a blessed day!


Quote of the day: “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”
β€” Margaret Fuller

Pic of the day: can’t wait to see the people in this picture and give them all a lotta love!


11 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 136 Back on track!

  1. Its funny doing this diet, your body becomes a bit of a machine, when you get the PP/PV combo right, you feel really good, vary it too much or eat something that puts it out of sync and it throws a bIt of a wobbler. It just amazes me how in tune with the body this diet seems to be. You’re doing so well, I bet you cant wait to see your family so they can see the new you in person, time goes so fast it will be here before you know it. Here’s to another successful day. xoxoxo.

    • Hmmmm, I responded to this yesterday and it isn’t showing up!

      This diet definitely works when you do it, and throws you out of kilter when you don’t. The key is staying in mild ketosis so your body burns fat for energy.

      Yup, can’t wait to get to my family! Miss them so much!

    • I took that pic before leaving for Abu Dhabi 3 years ago… the babies are all bigger, there’s been a marriage to a fabulous guy, another baby for Tiff and Joey… lots of changes. Thank goodness for the internet, so I don’t miss too much!

  2. I’m back! Hey you might need a sign with your name on it when you fly home. Having lost 26Kg they may not recognise you!!! You did so well getting through December and now you are on the home-straight with respect to your holiday. Exciting times!!

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re back, I bet the beach was fab! Funny about the sign… My daughter is bringing my 5 year old grandson to pick me up. In August I weighed a lot more than now AND had hip length hair… I said to her the other night on the phone, “I sure hope Shane recognizes his Momma”… Lol

  3. Do take the video of your performance. Who knows you may get an Oscar. A sign with your name may be a good idea. But I’m sure Shane will see your beaming face and that is all anyone ever needs. See you soon. >3 Mom

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