Dukan – Day 206 – Getting there

Monday was a PP day.

Daily weight loss: 0.4 lb/0.20 kg
Total weight loss: 77 lb/35.01 kg

Breakfast: 2 Tea Eggs, cup of coffee, 500mL water
Lunch: 2 Tea Eggs, 3 slices of deli ham (make sure you check the carb count on the back!) 700mL water
Snack: 1 Tea Egg, 500mL water
Early Dinner: 4 oz. steak (cubed) stir-fried with 1/2 onion and 5 smashed garlic and Italian seasonings, 500mL water, cup of tea
Late Snack: 2 eggs, scrambled with a teeny bit of onion, a splash of FF milk, & 2 Tbs. flax seed meal, 200mL water and a cup of Kava tea.

**Just want to note again… I usually only eat the yolk from my first Tea Egg in the morning, the rest of the time I toss it and only eat the whites. I did eat the yolk of my late snack eggs.

My legs are kind of achy from the mountain hike yesterday, so I did a 2.5 mile walk instead of a run.

It was a good day, the sun shone through the pollution all day long, everyone’s mood seemed better 😀