Day 6 – National Health Blog Post Month

Today’s Topic: News-style post

Breaking News!!

You can eat and eat and eat and lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and lower your cholesterol! This is excellent news for people who like to eat real food!

No more berry pills, no more hCG shots or liquid, no more fasting, counting “points” or 500 kcal diets. REAL, clean, healthy food.

How is this? Well it’s been discovered that it isn’t meat and eggs that are bad for you. It’s wheat and other products with gluten. That wheat has a higher glycemic value than sugar! That it converts to glycogen in your body then stored as fat! Gasp!!! You get fat from wheat? How could this be!

We interviewed Sandi Blankenship, a woman that lost 111 pounds cutting wheat out of her diet. She said, “I couldn’t figure out why, after just losing 20 pounds, my knees weren’t hurting and my arthritis went away. Thankfully someone told me about Wheat Belly”. Ms. Blankenship has maintained this weight loss for 6 months.

For more info check out

Day 4 – National Health Blog Post Month

Today’s topic: Disclosure post. How did you decide what to share? What do/don’t you share?

Well, as most of you know, I disclose almost everything 😀

However, when I started this Dukan journey in August 2011, I did not disclose my weight. In fact, I didn’t disclose my beginning weight until after I was almost thru with my weight loss. I did give hints the last few months of my diet, but it was painful to admit I was 255 pounds when I started the diet.

And just as a reminder, this is what 255 pounds look like:


And this is what 146 looks like:


I’m thinking that whole clean eating and living thing is worth it!


Day 3 – National Health Blog Post Month

Todays’s blog prompt… “I don’t know about this, but I’d like to.”

The effects of a high protein-low carb diet on running, exercise and training for a triathlon.

There is A LOT of conflicting information out there in regard to eating a Paleo/Primal diet and how it affects your body during and after high impact exercise. Even some of the most hard core Primal supporters like Mark at Mark’s Daily Apple says its nearly impossible.

Mark says:

So, how does an endurance athlete go as “primal as possible”? Here’s my take. When you go for endurance training, you face (among other physical strains) the necessity of increased carb intake and all its negative results (e.g. inflammation, AGEs, impaired immune function, etc.). Myself, I had a half-gallon of ice cream, loaf of bread and cereal habit going to refuel every day for years. At the time, I didn’t see an obvious impact on my performance, but I later realized I was causing long term damage. A better, more Primal approach to a training diet includes meals full of veggies (universal recommendation, yes) as well as the judicious use of fruits and tubers for added “healthier than grains” carb sources. (Of course, your diet should include a hefty supply of protein and natural fats.)

So his suggestion is to add tubers, lots of veggies and fruits to boost the carb intake during events and training. I’m going to work on that this week.

What health info would you like to know more about? Or what health info would you like featured here? Working on doing research everyday to continue improving my life 🙂


My colleagues went to Bali and all I got was this very cool outfit…

On a side note, I am 3 pounds over my “5 pound window”, which is 143-148. I was 151 this morning… ACK 😦

I totally know what caused this, lol! Halloween and Disney. They should both be banned! Going to do 3 PP (pure protein) days to knock it out. I’ve also not been getting in my flaxseed meal (I use that instead of oat bran) on a daily basis, so need to be more mindful of that! I’m back to running and it feels so good and I’m back to near daily yoga, even if its only 10 minutes!


Day 2 – National Health Blog Post Month

Day 2 is Write about the weirdest thing about your health…

I’m going to start off by saying I’ve had a couple of amazing days this weekend up in Orlando with my friend Cathy and her daughter Sarah. I also want to type a nice long paragraph so that the weirdest thing about my health doesn’t show up on Facebook… LOL, you’ll have to click on the link to read it… Now on with the topic 😉

For the most part, my body has responded amazingly well to the Dukan Diet and now Paleo Diet.

So, this is something we’re not “suppose” to talk about, but I’m going to. The weirdest thing about my health, now that I’m on a wheat and gluten free diet is…

I DON’T FART 😀 Yup, I don’t pass gas, I never get rumbly tummy and I never get the “oh my God I’m going to die IBS pain. Who knew that by cutting the wheat, you would cut the cheese no more!?!

What’s weird about your health? My weird thing is a good thing, I’m sure!


It’s Magical!


Photo Bomb on Thunder Mountain


Cathy and Me!


Me, Cathy & Sarah…


Day 1 – National Health Blog Post Month

So, this month is National Health Blog Post Month and I’m going to attempt to put out two posts a day for this month 🙂

The first assignment – “Why I write about my health”

I write about my health because I began my amazing journey 15 months ago by starting the Dukan Diet. I decided to post daily to hold myself accountable to myself, my family and friends and it has grown to so much more!

I’m most proud to say that I’ve maintained my weightloss within a 5 pound range for SIX MONTHS!!

Do you write about your health? If so, why?


Here’s a few pics of my amazing week I’m having…

Yoga on the beach, photo by the Amazing Mona


Halloween Day at work…


Me and Angie Z…


Me and BeBe…