Day 2 – National Health Blog Post Month

Day 2 is Write about the weirdest thing about your health…

I’m going to start off by saying I’ve had a couple of amazing days this weekend up in Orlando with my friend Cathy and her daughter Sarah. I also want to type a nice long paragraph so that the weirdest thing about my health doesn’t show up on Facebook… LOL, you’ll have to click on the link to read it… Now on with the topic 😉

For the most part, my body has responded amazingly well to the Dukan Diet and now Paleo Diet.

So, this is something we’re not “suppose” to talk about, but I’m going to. The weirdest thing about my health, now that I’m on a wheat and gluten free diet is…

I DON’T FART 😀 Yup, I don’t pass gas, I never get rumbly tummy and I never get the “oh my God I’m going to die IBS pain. Who knew that by cutting the wheat, you would cut the cheese no more!?!

What’s weird about your health? My weird thing is a good thing, I’m sure!


It’s Magical!


Photo Bomb on Thunder Mountain


Cathy and Me!


Me, Cathy & Sarah…


12 thoughts on “Day 2 – National Health Blog Post Month

  1. I missed this post earlier…such fun Disney World. Been there many times over the years. I am a kid at heart anyway…but such fun no matter how old you are, you can be a kid at Disney’s!

  2. Are you eating any other grain or just not wheat…I really notice that when I eat alot of bread I am bloated and gassy….need to get back to pure Paleo…it really was worth it! Looks like you had a blast at Disney! What fun!

  3. After having my gall bladder removed earlier this year, I still had residual pain in my diaphragm which the doctor could not explain. I started the Dukan Diet in May and within a month the pain was gone! It was a great motivator to continue on the DD. The pain has not returned, and I absolutely believe it’s the wheat free diet.

  4. You went to DisneyWorld! When we lived in So. Florida we went every year … many wonderful memories with my very young sons.

    You have just given me another reason to avoid gluten!

    Once the insanity of the forthcoming week is over … I think I’ll concentrate on my health (novel concept) 🙂

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